Affordable Fitness Wear

It is possible to look great and feel great at the gym…without splurging on an expensive workout wardrobe. Studio 5 Health & Fintess editor Halli Tinti provea you don’t always have to shop Lululemon.

We’ve rounded up the hottest spots to score affordable fitness wear according to what kind of exerciser you are.

Llove this site! You wouldn’t believe the selection. This is a dancewear site and every piece they make is good quality solid material. This is for the barre lover, the Zumba lover or the body jam or hip hop goer. They have fun colors, although they do have a lot of black if that’s what you prefer.

Danskin has been around since 1882, I’m pretty sure they know their stuff. You can shop their brand new 2013 spring yoga line at The brand covers all body types and is made for working out and every day running around, you can find a tiny portion of their line at Walmart.

Target’s Champion Brand
Champion also known as c9 is now THE line for knockoff Lululemon wear. If you’re tired of paying the Lululemon prices, but still want the quality that Lulu offers, Champion at Target is where it’s at.

Planet Gear partners with companies and gets their excess products. Because of that partnership they can offer unbeatable prices, up to 70% off retail price. So this is for the runner or the biker that needs that new Balance support or Lole… This website is just for women. High quality popular running and biking brands}

Forever 21
So surprised at this discovery, I would have never thought that I could find great fitness items at Forever 21! They have fun and fresh spring colors and everything you need. Colorful bottoms and black bottoms. Remember that their sizes run small you may want to buy a size bigger than you would usually wear. They’re prices range from $8-$30.

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