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Double blending makeup gives a smoother look! Why every woman over 40 should try it…

Double blending doesn’t add much time to your routine, and the benefits are well worth it!

Beauty knows no age, but as we mature, our skin can require a little bit more love. If you’re still applying your makeup like you did in your thirties, it’s time for a change. It’s time to try a technique that better enhances your natural beauty.

Studio 5 Style & Beauty Contributor Megan Moore shares a technique that you’ve likely never heard of. It’s called double blending. Double blending is using a minimum of two different tools to blend every step of your makeup process.


Why Double Blending?

As we age, our skin texture changes. When we were younger, our skin was like slabs of marble, and now, it’s more like slabs of concrete.

“We have pores, texture, fine lines, and we’ve been weathered a little bit,” Megan explained.

If we’re applying our makeup the same way we did in our twenties, we’re not going to get the same results in our forties and later.

The Benefits of Double Blending

Double blending helps to spread the product evenly and give a really seamless look from one color to the next. It gives you the most overall smooth look that you can with more texture in your skin.

“It doesn’t add much time to your routine, and the benefits are there, so it’s worth it,” Megan emphasized.

Tools for Double Blending

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There are five different options to choose from for each makeup application you’re doing. From there, you can pick the two you like the best. Each tool has its individual benefits, so you want to pick and choose which benefits you want.

“I always mix and match until I find the perfect blend,” Megan said. “Sometimes I’ll try things in a different order, and then I’ll discover something new.”

  1. Dense Bristle Brush: The dense bristle brush is designed for stamping product, keeping it in the same place without moving it around a lot. It’s ideal for applying foundation and concealer, pressing it into the pores.
  2. Loose Bristle Brush: Loose bristles move and sweep across the skin, spreading product out. When using this type of brush, you need to decide if you want the product to spread or stay put.
  3. Sponge: A damp sponge is best for thinning out product and adding glow. A dry sponge is best for blotting away products.
  4. Fingers: Fingers are useful for their heat and a little bit of oil, which helps to get things to move and become more emulsified. Fingers can also get into areas that brushes and sponges find hard to reach.
  5. Puff: A puff is great for pressing in stuff, specifically powders and liquids.

Double Blending Step-by-Step Example

  1. Apply concealer to the face.
  2. Use a sweeping tool (loose bristle brush) to sweep the concealer onto your skin.
  3. Switch to a stamping tool (dense bristle brush) to press in the product.
  4. Use your finger to finish off blending.

You can use this basic formula for every product you put on your face. Try different tools to get the perfect, smooth blend.

Double blending takes a little experimenting, but once you get it… you get it. It’s a technique that every woman over a certain age should try. It’s a way to help your makeup to grow up a little bit.

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