Affordable Kitchen Remodels

Arend Vishner from Mountain Land explains how to save money on a quality kitchen remodel.

The vision at Mountain land Wood is to make your remodeling dream a reality at a price that you can afford. Get that High Quality Kitchen or Bath Remodel without having to cash in on your nest egg.

Kitchens Start at $16,500

What is the starter Kitchen Remodel?

• Designs and Consultation: Lets get together and make a plan! Many times we are able to change the layout to make your Kitchen much more functional and Beautifull.

• Removal of the Old: We will pull the cabinets off the wall and take them away, (or we can leave them if you want)

• Flooring: Laminated flooring, Tile or Wood, we do it all.

• Cabinets: Cabinets and installation are included.

• Countertops: Granite Countertops installed.

• Fixtures / Appliances: We provide the sink and faucet, and hook it up. We also install all your appliances.

• Crown: No Kitchen is complete without crown.

• Task Lighting: Yes we even add a few can lights to light up your work areas.

How do You Get Started?

Request a Bid: Click on the Link to the left and fill out the form. We will then set up an appointment to come out to your house. We DO NOT do pressure sales.
Download the Worksheet: You can download our worksheet. Fill it out and use the grid sheet to make drawings of additional changes you want to make to your Kitchen. When you are finished fax (866-545-3424) or e-mail (bids @ us the worksheet for a preliminary bid. (CLICK HERE TO GET THE WORKSHEET)

For more information call Arend Visher at 801 879-8145

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