KSL Classified Furniture Makeover: $100 Challenge

Studio 5 contributor, Ashley Kewish and interior designer, NataLee Callahan tackled the project. NataLee provided some great tips that you should keep in mind when looking for that diamond in the rough.

• Know what you’re looking for . Go through your favorite catalogs or websites to get ideas of what you want.

• Be flexible. You may find exactly what you’re looking for, but most likely you’ll need to make some
concessions. But that doesn’t mean you need to settle.

• Look for the potential. Don’t be blinded by ugly fabric or a bad finish. Paint and fabric cover up a lot of
ugly. Is it the shape you like, but not the color? If the price is right, it is probably much cheaper to alter than
buying new. Not sure what to do? Follow your favorite blogs for great ideas and suggestions.

• Always ask for a better price. But don’t offend the seller. Typically, the longer it’s been online, the more
negotiable the price. However if the price is already way under market, go ahead and snag the great deal
before someone else does.

• Put your heart into it. If you put your personal touch on something, not only are you going to save money,
but it will be a conversation piece and something to truly be proud of.

NataLee Callahan is an interior designer and started www.designedtothenines.com to offer design tips and home decorating advice. She actively works on commercial and residential interior design projects and is regularly requested to design and stage model homes and The Parade of Homes here in Utah.

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