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‘The power of art goes beyond the canvas.’ 3 ways to pair pieces together for a curated look

Displaying pieces together showcases the power of art.

Art brings a certain mood to a home. It’s a way to decorate our walls with meaning and to evoke emotion or express passion. Whether you’re looking for a new way to display the pieces you already have or pick a few new ones for spring, an emerging trend is redefining the way people curate their spaces.

Emi Dalton shared three approaches to combining art pieces that complement each other on our walls to draw you in.


Push & Pull Tension

First, Emi says you can look for a Push & Pull Tension. Contemporary art can enliven and balance antiques, providing a sense of history and timelessness. Bringing together contrasting, vibrant hues is a standout way to make an energizing statement.

Harmonious Pairings

Another approach is through Harmonious Pairings. While exploring visual tensions through contrast is one approach, the most impactful art combinations come from a sense of unity and tranquility. Harmonious pairings rely on commonality and repetition to forge a calming atmosphere. Emi loves exploring thematic pairings where the artwork shares a common subject.

Forced Cohesion

The last option Emi offers is Forced Cohesion. Something as simple as framing can be leveraged to reinforce cohesion in a pairing. Using complementary frame styles or matting helps art to speak the same visual language and work as a unified whole.

Emi said, “as homemakers, we hold the unique ability to create spaces that inspire, captivate, calm, and connect. Curating beautiful art pairings is all about creating harmony, sparking wonder, and delight… or forging new perspectives. The true power of art goes beyond what is on the canvas!”

See more art at Emi’s shoppable website, emiandcoart.com, and follow Emi on Instagram at @emiandco.

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