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Decluttering done in 10 minutes! Here’s how to spring clean without the stress

Decluttering doesn’t have to be a major project.

It’s that time of year – we are ready to clean and organize EVERYTHING! But it’s not always as easy as it seems. While we love the results, decluttering and organizing can feel intimidating and overwhelming. We often make it a bigger job than it needs to be. Yes, there are times we use crisp, new containers and beautiful labels and try to copy what we see on Instagram and Pinterest. But one of the biggest secrets to staying organized is knowing how to do it in small bites every day.

Jenny Layton teaches a technique called Clutter Busters – a routine that can create a BIG impact on your home in just a few minutes a day.


What is Clutter Busters?

First, Jenny shared what Clutter Busters is NOT. Clutter Busters is not a long, involved organizing project where you are trying to make everything look perfect. Clutter Busters IS just a quick technique that helps us get rid of the clutter. Choose one specific space, set a timer for ten minutes or less, and simply get rid of what doesn’t belong there. It sounds simple, and truthfully, that’s why it works. Because we have such a tendency to collect so much stuff, Clutter Busters has become an essential practice to help keep our homes from getting overrun with clutter. Since we don’t always have the time or energy to do big projects, this quick little technique helps us collect a lot of little wins that really add up over time.

How Does Clutter Busters Work?

First, you’ll want to choose a spot to focus on. We like to see a good solid result from a session of Clutter Busting, and if we are random and scattered as we declutter, dividing our time between multiple spaces in the home, no single space will reflect much change. Start with surfaces – counter tops, the tops of dressers or night stands, the dining room table or corners of the room where things start to pile. But Clutter Busters is also very effective inside any cabinet, closet, drawer or shelf.

After you pick your spot, you’ll need just a few simple supplies: the timer on your phone, a garbage bag, and a few boxes, bags, or containers.

Next, set the timer for 10 minutes, and as you sort through the items in that space, look for anything that doesn’t belong there. That’s where the garbage bag and boxes or containers – along with three important questions – come in.

1. Is this something that needs to be put away in another room? If yes, it goes into box #1. Walking back and forth between rooms to put things away eats up so much time and limits how much clutter you can get through – not to mention causing distraction and ruining your momentum. So continue to collect anything that goes in other parts of the house and put them into this bankers box or bag or whatever container you are using, and only put them away AFTER timer goes off and your decluttering is done. (examples – toys, hair supplies, art supplies, dishes, etc.)

2. Am I ready to let it go, but someone else might want it? That’s what box or container #2 is for. It’s a good idea to always have a donation box handy, and you’ll likely find items to donate as you do your Clutter Busting. Once the box is full, you can drop it off at the donation center. (examples – outgrown toys, clothes, accessories; art supplies; books; games; décor)

3. Is it time to throw this away? (Examples – anything broken, missing parts, mismatched, wrappers, empty, outdated products, etc.)

How to Make Clutter Busters Work for You

Clutter Busters is a sure fire way to consistently declutter your home when you work it into a routine. So maybe you can decide every time you finish the breakfast dishes, you are going to set the timer and do 10 minutes of clutter busting. Or maybe it’s every time you put the baby down for a nap, get done with a daily walk, or maybe you’ll take ten minutes of your lunch break to do some decluttering. But build Clutter Busters into your daily routine, and you are going to be hooked on that little dopamine hit that comes every time you look at that clean dresser or open up the Tupperware drawer to only containers that have matching lids.

Don’t get stuck in the process. If, as you are clutter busting, you’re not sure if you should keep it or toss it, or you’re not sure where it should go, maybe grab a third box. This can be a place to store those things that you’re undecided on, and you can go through those later – because the big trick with Clutter Busters is to just keep moving! We want the momentum to be in your favor as you are decluttering, so don’t get stuck in indecision. There are things that are obviously keepers and other things that are obviously junk. Focus on these things, and if anything in between is a big enough question mark that you can’t make a quick decision, store it in that extra box until your Clutter Busters session is over. Usually, within a couple of days, it becomes apparent if you will really use something or not.

Check out Jenny’s free Clutter Busters 3-day program. In just 10 minutes a day, she will help you declutter three key areas in your home. Find it at Find more of Jenny’s advice on Instagram, @jlthehappygal.

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