Affordable Legal Help As You Need It

Carolyn Pence-Smith is part of the new group, Utah Legal Coaching which lets consumers get just what they need.

As the economy suffers, so do the legal needs of many people. Eighty percent of American’s can’t afford legal help when they need it because they make too much money for the free legal services but not enough for “traditional” legal services, those with high retainers and a high hourly rate. As a result, many Americans choose to either 1) try to handle their legal matter on their own or 2) ignore the legal matter.

To bridge this gap in legal services, a new service delivery model has developed. Called “unbundling” or “limited scope” this option allows clients to hire an attorney to do a specific task for the client. Clients may choose to hire an attorney just to draft documents, or attend a hearing, or help them through mediation. Or a client could hire an attorney to “coach” them, so the client could handle the legal matter all on their own.

This method offers clients a chance to get legal help they can afford and to prevent mistakes that occur when legal work is either ignored or done without the assistance of an attorney.

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