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It’s all in the details! 7 small style touches that immediately punch up any look

The details elevate an outfit, especially the small ones.

As we dream of spring tiptoeing in, just like those spring flowers, your wardrobe should bloom, too! It’s time to breathe new life into your closet with some subtle additions.

Style Editor Daylan Dove shares how to notice the small stuff and bring striking details into your closet.

This time of year is kind of awkward in terms of how we get dressed. We’re still have that winter feel, but we are wishing for spring. Daylan has some pieces that you can incorporate into your wardrobe now that carry over into spring and summer.


The Importance of Details

New York Stylist Mac Rose said, “If an outfit is not interesting through color, then it has to be interesting through shape. If it’s not interesting through shape, then it has to be interesting through texture.” Daylan found easy ways you can do that everyday. Use things you already have paired with things you will see trending in the next couple of seasons.

“Think about dressing yourself differently to add interest to your outfit,” Daylan said.

Look for Contrast Stitching


Free Assembly Belted Utility Midi Dress, $34, Walmart

The stitching in this dress caught Daylan’s eye.

“This is going to be a big trend coming in the next few seasons,” she predicted. The contrast in the stitching will take any basic piece up to the next level. It automatically elevates an outfit because it’s shows you the details.

“We’re not going back to True Religion days,” Daylan assured. “It’s very subtle, but it makes a big impact.”

Add Texture


Straw Tote Handbag, $40, Target

Daylan paired the previous dress with this tote.

“Texture really adds depth to an outfit,” Daylan emphasized. “When you’re thinking about adding texture, you want to go for opposites of what you’re wearing.”

Since the dress was very sleek and toned, she chose this very intricate, woven bag to add balance to the outfit as a whole.

Go Bold with Your Buttons


Free Assembly Chest Pocket Cardigan, $26, Walmart

Daylan says go bold with your buttons.

“The bigger the buttons, the better!” she exclaimed.

Lady jackets have been so big recently, and they’re going to continue. But… the buttons are changing. We’re seeing them bigger, with patterns, even as part of a bow.

“When you’re adding spring trends to your wardrobe, the way the button shapes the outfit is really important,” Daylan said. “They can be a fun way to mix up a regular sweater, a dress, or even a pant.”

3D Details on Shoes


Antonette Heels, $39.99, Target



Mirabel Strappy Heels, $39.99, Target

Daylan is loving the 3D details on shoes. Instead of just a solid color shoe, applique flowers and other details are making them more bold.

“The statement shoe used to be just a color. When you’re adding these 3D details, they automatically make people notice,” Daylan explained.

Don’t Wear a Boring Belt


Western Leather Belt, $16.99, Amazon

“Life is too short to wear a boring belt!” Daylan exclaimed. “Belts are an easy, affordable way to change up your style.”

Try a big buckle, look for a different color or texture, but the bottom line is, belts are a really easy and low cost way to add interest to your wardrobe.

Pockets Can Be Your Fun Detail


Cargo Pants, $39.99, H&M

Let pockets do the heavy lifting! Cargo pants are pretty trendy right now, but they’re not new.

“We feel like they’re new because of the new baggy appeal of them, but they’re not,” Daylan said.

She recommends wearing a slim cargo pant… something you can cuff. Make sure it’s your style and that you enjoy wearing it, but the big pockets can make the statement.

“If you don’t want to add any extra width to you, don’t grab a pocket that’s too big on the side. Maybe go for one in the front,” Daylan advised.

Play with Color


Purple Smocked Ruffle Dress, $48.99, Amazon

Color is always a great detail to play with. Daylan loves doing unexpected colors.

“An unexpected color will automatically make your outfit more interesting without a lot of effort,” Daylan explained.

She paired a bright, purple dress with some green shoes and accessories. Since these two colors are complementary, they really make each other pop.

“Do a quick Google of that color wheel, look across to find that color match and have fun with those combinations.”

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