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Do they REALLY work? Our beauty expert puts 3 viral products to the test

These viral products make some bold claims.

A lot of beauty products make big promises, like a lip stain that stays all day long, or a hair product that stops the heat from frying out your ends. We’re asking, do they really?

Studio 5 Style & Beauty Contributor Megan Moore puts a few new viral products to the test, trying them for the very first time.


Bondi Boost Heat Protectant Spray, $20, Ulta

Bondi Boost’s Thermal Protection Spray claims to protect hair up to 450 degrees, so Megan put it to the test.

“Now I don’t ever want you to use 450 degrees on your hair,” Megan warned. “That’s where we broil vegetables in the oven, people… that is higher than when we bake cookies, so we shouldn’t go that high. Start at 350, but we do want to see if the claims actually hold true.”

The Experiments

Megan coated half a piece of bread in the thermal spray, popped it in a toaster, and set it toast.

Additionally, she coated half a piece of thermal paper in the spray and left the other half spray-free. Then she took a flat iron to the sheet. If the heat protectant worked, you would see a difference in the color of the paper.

The Results

When the bread came out of the toaster, the bottom half, which was covered in the spray, was less toasted than the top half.

At the end of the thermal paper experiment, the paper had less color at the bottom where the heat protectant was sprayed. This means it was being protected by the spray.

Does it Work?

Megan says yes! She gives Bondi Boost a solid nine out of 10 for its impressive heat protection.

Wonderskin Lip Stain Masque, $22,

You’ve probably seen the videos. Women slather their lips in a bright, sticky substance, only to peel it off 20 seconds later to reveal a subtle shade. It claims to last 24 hours, and says it’s completely transfer proof.

“I purposely picked a lighter color,” Megan said. “I really want to see if a stain that’s lighter can actually last that long.”

The Experiment

Megan tried this one straight on her lips. She applied and waited 20 seconds, but did say that it was definitely drying.

“That’s what I struggle with with all lip stains… even the ones that last. But you could definitely put a balm over it,” Megan advised.

The Results

Once the stain started cracking, Megan peeled of the film. While the shade wasn’t too different from her natural lip color, the stain did give her a very slight pink tinge.

Does it Work?

Megan said she may try this stain with some red options that are a little more bold, but for this color, she gave it a six out of 10.

On ‘Til Dawn Waterproof Setting Spray, $32, Sephora

This makeup setting spray makes the bold claim that it keeps your makeup in place… even underwater.

“Like… you’re supposed to be able to dunk your face and go swimming,” Megan said.

The Experiment

Megan swatched a few colors on her arm and coated half in the spray and left half untouched. After it dried down, she did the smudge test and ran water over the sprayed area to test the waterproof claims.

“It’s supposed to create a kind of film over your face to make sure that your makeup doesn’t move,” Megan explained.

The Results

The non-sprayed side definitely smudged, while the sprayed side still smudged slightly, but held a lot better. As to those waterproof claims, Megan was impressed.

“If you’re going to go swimming, I think that would actually hold on pretty well,” she said.

Does it Work?

Megan gave the this setting spray an eight out of 10.

“It’s kind of like hairspray for your face! It definitely works,” she concluded.

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