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Choose your earrings based on your face shape! Here’s the complete guide…

You can flatter your face shape depending on what earrings you choose!

When choosing accessories, we usually focus on the latest trends or personal preferences. But your face shape actually plays a role in which earrings will enhance your features!

Hilary Adams, from Plunder Design, shares why understanding your face shape matters when picking the perfect pair of earrings.


1. The Triangle Face Shape

A triangle face shape is characterized by a wider forehead tapering down to a narrow chin.

When choosing earrings, you’ll want to go for something that is skinny at the top that widen as they drop.  This creates more width and more balance where the face is drawing in.

2. The Square Face Shape

This face shape features a prominent jawline, defined cheekbones, and a strong hairline.

You want to avoid adding width to the square face. Look for longer earrings that create length and soften the angles.

3. The Round Face Shape

A round face has soft and circular features. Often, women with this face shape and looking for a longer appearance.

Choose delicate, elongated earrings that create an illusion of an oval face. Avoid overly wide designs.

4. The Heart Face Shape

This face shape has a pointed chin and possibly a widow’s peak in the hairline. It’s similar to the triangle face shape.

Drop earrings that narrow at the top and add width toward the chin. Let the party happen at the bottom!

5. The Oval Face Shape

This face shape is versatile and well-proportioned, oval faces can pull off lots of different styles.

If this is your face shape, you can wear it all! Just be mindful of length—avoid overly long earrings that elongate the face. You can also go wide with some fun shapes.

These guidelines provide a starting point, but you should absolutely feel free to break the rules and express your unique style. Whether you’re rocking dramatic statement earrings or delicate studs, let your face shape guide your earring picks.

Find Hilary’s creations at plunderdesign.com.

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