Amazing Skin & Beauty Products You Haven’t Heard Of

Dr. Steve Jepson with UDMPC shares four amazing skin and beauty products you haven’t heard of.

1. Revitalash – How would you like longer, thicker, fuller eyelashes….naturally? Revitalash can help you achieve those results within 3-10 weeks. This product is a popular new eyelash growth stimulator. It was developed by an Ophthalmologist (an MD specializing in eye disease) who wanted to find a way to help his wife who had lost her eyelashes after cancer chemotherapy. This product is very effective and our clients & staff who are currently using it have seen amazing results. It’s applied like a liquid eyeliner to the base of your eyelashes once daily. It’s available at my clinic & spa for $150, and though a little spendy, you can use the same vial for months and months.

2. PDG Wrinkle Relaxer – This is one of the most powerful topical anti-aging skin products currently available. Most high quality anti-aging skin products now contain an ingredient called peptides. These chemical messengers trigger the skin cells to produce new collagen and elastin – the building blocks of young skin. Peptides can literally reverse the effect of aging on your skin! Argireline is the most commonly used peptide, but many other very effective peptides are used as well. . PDG Wrinkle Relaxer contains Argireline and 5 other potent peptides, and because these are delivered in a serum, this product will penetrate into the skin more effectively than the usual anti-aging creams. This great product is formulated by my lab to strict FDA standards and because it is a doctor-formulated product it contains higher concentrations of these anti-aging peptides than the most popular over-the-counter creams such as Strivectin. For example, PDG Wrinkle Relaxer contains 10% Argireline as opposed to the 1.5% in Strivectin, and it costs significantly less! PDG Wrinkle Relaxer is available only through my clinic & spa and costs $58.

3. SunForgettable by Colorescience – This is the most convenient sun protection delivery system that I have ever seen. Sunforgettable is an SPF 30 mineral sunblock powder that comes in an easy-to-use retractable brush. You can literally apply adequate daily sun protection in a matter of seconds….and its waterproof! It comes in several shades and many of our female clients use the darker shades as a bronzer. Sunforgettable is available at my clinic & spa for $50. One tube will give you months and months of daily protection.

4. Xen-Tan Mist Intense – I know that I talked about Xen-Tan a few months ago on the program. But Studio 5 viewers have loved it, as evidenced by the number of you that have visited our office to purchase some, so I decided to include it on this list. Xen-Tan is a new sunless tanning product that will give you a great natural looking tan without the streaking, spotting, or unusual shades of orange, and Xen Tan can give you immediate bronzing results. And it smells good too! There are many different delivery options available – mousse, lotion, spray – but an informal poll among my staff suggests that the Mist Intense spray is their favorite. We carry the whole line of Xen-Tan products at my clinic & spa and also offer air brush tanning with Xen-Tan, as well. A bottle of the Mist Intense costs $23.

Dr. Steven P. Jepson, M.D.

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