Summer Hair Care: Tips, Tricks & Trends

Summer can be a particularly tough time for hair – the sun, heat and elements combined make it difficult to maintain healthy hair. Here are a few common questions and concerns about summer hair care.

Can you blow dry your hair every day without ruining it?

The answer is yes and no. If you do it correctly, you can blow-dry your hair every day. It is a good idea however, to moisturize your hair on a regular basis and deep condition once a month. The trick is to hold the dryer at least two inches from your hair as you dry and keep the dryer moving.

An easy way to add a touch more shine to your dull locks is as easy as warming a few drops of olive oil between your palms and then smoothing it gently over your hair.

Can I brush my hair when it is wet?

Your hair is most vulnerable when it is wet. Be especially gentle during this time. That means no brushing allowed. Detangle with a wide toothed comb or your fingers.

How can I get rid of dull hair?

An easy way to add a touch more shine to your dull locks is as easy as warming a few drops of olive oil between your palms and then smoothing it gently over your hair.

Should I wash my hair daily?

Do not wash and repeat. The idea of keeping natural oils in your hair may seem gross, but it is actually the best way to have healthy, shiny, and beautiful hair. The most that is recommended for washing your hair is once every other day. The other days, the hair should be rinsed, but not washed. This helps to prevent the over oiling of the hair by overactive oil glands that are thrust into over activity due to the dry nature of the hair and scalp from frequent hair washing.


Three products that will help maintain luster and brightness in summer worn hair:

1. Keratonics (Neways) Smoothing Essence

This is a spray-on treatment that conditions hair while removing tangles, leaving hair glossy and silky.

2. Keratonics Style Perfecting Foam

Repairs damage, provides manageability and protects hair from stresses caused by environment and heat.

3. Redkin Align

To relax friziness and tame your hair.

SUMMER HAIR CARE: Styles & Trends

Long Delicate Waves

Wearing a long straight style can get old and boring. Add some details and character by giving some bounce and curl.

After blow-drying hair with some sort of styling aid, mist hair with a thermal spray or hairspray. Section hair into three workable areas, the Mohawk on the top, a horizontal parting from ear to ear separating the occipital from the nape. Subsection the Mohawk into five 1 inch section; curl each subsection with a 1 ¼-inch , after holding hair in for 5-10 seconds slide the hair gently off the curling iron and pin up with a clip or a bobby pin. While the Mohawk subsections are setting, wrap1 inch partings in the lower horizontal sections around the curling iron barrel, being careful not to run fingers through each parting. After curling the whole head break up curls with your fingers to add the delicate touch. Finish with a light hairspray.


• Fine to medium textured hair, place the curling iron heat at low to medium heat to avoid heat damage. For medium to coarse textured hair place the heat at medium to high for maximum results.

• The longer you let the curls cool down the longer the curl will last.

• The bigger the partings the bigger and looser the curls.

Up and Loose

The day after spending time curling your hair for the Loose Delicate Wave take it easy and give your hair a break . Back comb and loosely put all of loosely curled hair in a low pony tail. Now reach to the underside of the pony and pull out a two inch section of hair. Wrap that hair around the band that holds the pony tail, and then secure the hair around the band with pins. Once pony tail is secure add volume and looseness by pulling hair slightly out of the pony tail.


• Back combing is the key to making any style keep its form.

• Always spray the product the way the cuticle lays to avoid fly-aways.

Low Bun

For a fast and easy way to achieve a new look try the classic bun or the low chignon. In any case this is the best for those days that there is no time to get ready.
For a dramatic look add a side part or a lopez (a center bump at the top hairline secured with two bobby pins), sleek back with pomade if the hair is dry or gel if the hair is wet and place a secure pony tail in the nape area near the back hair line. To obtain a sporty look, keep the sleek low ponytail, for a dramatic yet playful look rap the hair from the ponytail around the rubber band and secure with bobby pins, making a low bun.


• Bobby pin a flower on the side of bun

• Wear a headband or scarf with bun

• Offset the bun to opposite side of the part

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