“America Saves Week” with MACU

Most Americans do not have adequate savings to meet major emergencies,
let alone accumulate enough savings for retirement. And their plan for a
budget is non-existent. That’s why Mountain America Credit Union is taking
part in “America Saves Week.”

Brent Frank with Mountain America Credit
and Financial Services
explains more.

America Saves is a national social marketing campaign that encourages non-
saving Americans to save money, reduce debt and build wealth. Mountain
America offers a variety of options to develop and grow your savings

According to The Wall Street Journal, “Regardless of income, 70% of all
Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.” 8 out of 10 people identify
money as a significant source of stress in their life (American Psychological
Association) 42% of American adults don’t follow a budget, 32% have no
savings and 33% haven’t allocated anything for retirement. (Harris

Mountain America offers a variety of options to develop and grow…

a. Term Deposits better known as CD’s, are ideal for long-term
Money is invested at a fix rate and for a fixed period of time when deposited
in a Term Deposit account. The average ‘term’ of investment can be anywhere
from 30 days to 5 years.

Pay higher dividends than other savings vehicles BUT, your money is off-
limits until the CD matures.

b. A Money Market Deposit Account is a good option for retirees
or investors
who prefer to earn a high interest on their money with the least possible risk,
while maintaining direct access to their funds and being insured against loss.

Earn higher interest than savings accounts and are highly liquid and can be
withdrawn as cash or transferred to other accounts. Require a minimum

c. Individual Retirement Arrangements (Traditional and Roth)

Traditional – funded with Pre-Tax assets (tax deduction), thus taxed as
Roth – funded with Post-Tax assets, thus withdrawals are usually tax free

d. Other financial wellness principles as described in The 8 Pillars of
Financial Greatness
book and program. Mountain America strongly
this program which teaches people, in a clear, step-by-step program, how to
save, (“financial peace account,”) how to get out of debt and how to achieve
their financial goals based on their individual values.

America Saves Weeks is a national social marketing campaign. It runs from
February 19 – 25, 2012. America Saves Week is a national campaign
more than 1,000 nonprofit, government and corporate groups that
encourages individuals and families to save money and build personal
wealth. Mountain America is running an America Saves Week promotion on
its Facebook page to encourage members to save.

You simply click here to enter http://www.facebook.com/macufb?
. Provide your email address and share with
friends. We are giving away a $500 CD each day from Feb 21 – 24.

For additional information regarding any of these items and or to contact a
Mountain America financial advisor, please visit our website at

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