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Pick up antique pieces with a story! Here are 6 that will give you some inspiration

Here’s how to pick antique pieces you’ll love for a lifetime.

It’s garage sale, estate sale, and bargain-hunting season. The hope is always – with your shopping senses on high alert – to run on to something that captures and captivates you.

Amanda Herring, with La Petite Maison Antiques, says find something with a story. This is what makes the item yours, and ensures you’ll love it forever.

Find more inspiration from Amanda on Instagram, @la_petite_maison_antiques.


Amanda Herring is the co-owner of La Petite Maison Antiques with her husband Scott Herring. Amanda is not only a curator of beautiful objects, but also a storyteller. Through her passion for antiques, she brings history to life and enables her customers to create unique and enchanting spaces that honor the past while embracing the present. Scott and Amanda continue to inspire and captivate those who appreciate the enduring charm of antiques in the modern world. Find her at and on Instagram @la_petite_maison_antiques.

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