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Katrina Berg

Utah Floral Art: Pieces from 6 local artists to hang in your home

Floral art adds beauty to any space.

Gaze at a fresh flower and you realize it’s got divinity in every petal. Artists often spend a career reflecting that feeling and that finery. That’s where this dose of creative inspiration comes from: artists who paint flowers.

Local Utah artist Katrina Berg shares an art gallery tour featuring some of Utah’s female floral artists.


6 Local Utah Floral Artists

Barbara Young


ig: @barbaranyoung


Sadie Muhlenstein


ig: @wildjoypotteryandart


Denise Gasser


ig: @denisegasserart


Sarah Ebert


ig: @sarahebert_art


Nancy Andruk Olson


ig: @nancyandrukolsonartist

ig for paint: @brighterdaypigments


Katrina Berg


ig: @katrina.berg


Don’t miss Katrina Berg’s solo art show, hung now at Alpine Art & Frame. Each painting has a specific theme and includes flowers chosen for their symbolism.

“Signs & Symbols of Spring” is free and available to the public at

Alpine Art & Frame (430 E South Temple, next to Mrs. Backer’s Pastry Shop)

Gallery hours: M-F 9-5:30, Sat 10-3


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