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Jessica Foust from TopTenREVIEWS explains their top three picks for antivirus software and why you need it to protect your computer and personal information.

Buying a new computer is costly, so it’s important to protect it from viruses, spyware and malware which can wreak havoc on your computer. Viruses are designed to interfere with the proper functioning of a computer and they are more sophisticated and aggressive than ever. Thankfully, antivirus software can help keep your computer free of viruses and your data safe.

Any computer with an internet connection needs antivirus software. Without it, computers are left open to hackers, identity theft, and file corruption. Spyware is a type of software installed on a computer without the user’s consent. As you surf the net, sign into email, bank accounts, and social networks, the spyware keeps track of what you’re doing which usually results in a noticeable lack of browsing speed. Antivirus software can prevent spyware from slowing down your computer and sending out personal information.

TopTenREVIEWS has tested and rated the current antivirus products based on ease of use, effectiveness, updates, feature set, ease of installation, and support. After reviewing the software, TopTenREVIEWS recommends these top three products as the best in antivirus software:

1. BitDefender Antivirus, $24.95

BitDefender is the best antivirus software solution we’ve reviewed. It offers rock solid security, with a great price tag. Whether you’re an advanced user looking to control the whole process manually, or want to buy a set-and-forget solution, BitDefender delivers an easy to use security solution.

This software package protects you and your PC from a number of online threats, including viruses, spyware, phishing scams, and more. The software basically covers you from every angle, protecting you from threats on the internet, email, and even instant messaging.

One key protection and performance feature is the Active
Virus Control. It’s designed specifically to detect and demolish threats. This proactive technology monitors all application activity to keep an eye on file behaviors that look suspicious.

2. Kaspersky Anti-Virus, $35.95

Kaspersky’s interface is different from the competition because nearly all of its features are configurable. Which means you can have more control over what the program does. The virus scans are run simultaneously with spyware scans. While viruses were efficiently eliminated, the spyware scan failed to meet the high standard set by other antivirus software.

Kaspersky integrates their innovative technologies to defend against newer threats. One unique feature is the virtual keyboard. It lets you input text (passwords, social security numbers, and bank information) by clicking on the “keyboard” with your mouse. The virtual keyboard does avoid key loggers and those trying to steal your information with keystroke recognition malware. Overall Kaspersky is highly effective, has a great interface, easy on computer resources and is a great way to go for PC peace of mind.

3. Webroot Antivirus with AntiSpyware, $24.95

This antivirus software is perfectly designed for home users and those who do not know much about security software and security threats. It successfully keeps computers free of viruses and other malicious applications like spyware, worms, Trojan horses, and more. It monitors internet activity, scans emails, and performs full system scans to protect your computer. It also has frequent updates which are necessary since new threats are constantly emerging.

The software includes data backup to make sure you won’t lose any precious files like pictures or video on your computer. It has both local and online backup to protect your files against hard drive crashes, theft, fire, or any other cause of damage. With Webroot Antivirus you’ll be able to access your files from any computer or securely share them with your friends and family.

There are many products that will protect your computer. That’s why TopTenREVIEWS has created a tool to help you know what products you need, don’t need, and what you needed yesterday. The Security Software Configurator will recommend security programs based on your specific needs. By answering questions about your computer activities we can recommend the best product for your situation.

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