Are Children Born Tone Deaf?

Darlene Casanova with the Imagination Place of Utah explains that music can be learned like any other language. What she says is important is starting in early childhood.

The Imagination Place of Utah says that music skills like singing in tune, keeping rhythm, and being confident to participate are basic rights for every person. Things like joining in on singing “happy birthday”, dancing at prom, or even singing a lullaby to your children are all possible by giving children a musical foundation at a young age.

The Imagination Place offers many interactive classes that allow children and parents to learn to love music together. Dancing, singing, and using instruments are all ways the Imagination Place says parents can help their children to learn how to find rhythm and pitch. Parents take a huge role in their own child’s music development; people that we love and with whom we have an emotional bond can pass along the love to keep up with something like music.

Learning music early on can leave children excited about music and more likely to stay involved at an older age. The Imagination Place offers lessons for building strong musical foundations for children of all ages.

The Imagination Place

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