Are You An Introvert or Extrovert?

Answering a few simple questions may help you recognize if you are an
introvert or an extrovert.

1. Do you prefer one-on-one conversations or group activities?

2. Do you enjoy solitude or being with friends?

3. Do you prefer listening or talking?

4. Do you prefer working on your own or with a group?

5. Do you focus on one task or do you prefer multi-tasking?

Today’s psychologists agree that introverts and extroverts differ in the level
of outside stimulation they need to function well. Introverts are drawn to less
outside stimulation. They prefer solitude, focusing on one task at a time and
they’re not overly worried about wealth, fame and status.

Extroverts tend to be assertive and the life of a party. They prefer
talking to listening, are comfortable with conflict, multi-tasking and are
social networkers.

II. Extrovert and introvert behavior is in our DNA.

We see more extroverts in America and Europe than in the Asian and African
cultures. Researchers believe that populations that descend largely from
those who migrated are more extroverted than those who did not.

III. How you see yourself is based on your self-concept – your mental
picture of you.


A PTA meeting-members are discussing when to hold the Spring

Introvert or Extrovert?

A member speaks with enthusiasm and energy. “We must have it on the first
Saturday of May – that is tradition. I see no other options.”

Following a business conference – attendees are discussing where
they will go for dinner.

Introvert or Extrovert?

One woman says in a quiet, reserved voice – “I am tired and need some
down-time. I am going to return to my room, order room service and unwind
with a good book.”

A husband and wife are discussing the family finances.

Introvert of Extrovert?

The wife says in an assertive voice – “I feel that our family needs a summer
vacation. Time together as a family is important. We will cut back on other
expenses to find the funds to take a vacation.”

A group of teens are chatting about plans for Saturday night.

Introvert or Extrovert?

One teen quietly listens to several suggestions and then speaks up saying –
“We always go to the movies, let’s try something different like bowling.”

IV. What do you communicate to others about yourself?

Extroverts speak with conviction and are perceived as smarter than the quiet
introvert. This perception is not accurate. Often times it is the introvert that
has the best idea because they have quietly gathered information and insight.

Too often the best presenter of the idea does not have the best idea but
because they speak up and voice their opinion they are seen as having the
best idea.

There is no link between more talking and great insight.

The world needs the introvert and the extrovert. The introvert
brings a quiet, modest, reserved approach while the extrovert is outgoing,
enthusiastic and has conviction. Both styles bring success!!

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