Argosy University: Coping in Economic Hard Times

Dr. Darren Adamson, President of Argosy University, offers some help on how families can cope during the economic downturn.

About Argosy University

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Coping in Times of Economic Hardship

1. Be smart and be prepared

• Put your family’s needs first

• Reassure your children that they will be cared for

• Prepare your children if you are planning to make big changes

• Find out what’s being covered in your children’s classroom

• Get help from a pediatrician, community mental health worker or school counselor, if necessary

2. Hold meetings with your family and discuss your monthly budget

• Gather your family regularly to explain the situation to the kids

• Make it a team effort to be responsible about your finances

• Don’t involve children in adult decisions beyond their spheres of influence

• Keep a spending journal to evaluate your current spending habits

• Set goals that take into account your long-term financial objectives

3. Focus on the necessities

• Evaluate your actual living necessities and make sure that those basic needs are met first

• Groceries are more important than clothes or entertainment materials

• Pay off all your bills

• Bring a list with you to the grocery store and don’t deviate from it.

4. Make small changes

• Switch to generic brand products

• Pack a lunch instead of dining out everyday

• Save loose change which will really bulk up your piggy bank

• Use public transportation so you don’t have to fill your car up with gas as often

5. Stay positive

• Keep your eyes on your goals

• Stress will cause you to make irrational decisions and can also affect your health

• Don’t dwell on things that may or may not happen

• Live in the present and remember you have control over your choices and your state of mind.

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