Arranging with Citrus & Produce

Arranging with Citrus & Produce

Edible, but also fashionable! Studio 5 takes fresh produce to your tabletop.

Robert Upwall with Every Blooming Thing shares five key tips for arranging
with citrus and produce.

Citrus and flowers actually kill each other. Citrus fruit contains Ethylene
gas which causes flowers to wilt. Only use citrus with flowers if you are
having an event where they only need to look their best for a couple of

Some like it hot, some like it cool. These are the two looks you can use
for a party. You can do hot colors like oranges, yellows with hints of reds,
or you can do cool color tones with creams, yellows and greens.

One of our favorite ways of using fruit was for a casual wedding
rehearsal dinner. We used the watermelons as the container with bright
Gerbera daisies out the top. Use water tubes for the water source for the
flowers and insert into the melon. You can also use different kinds of
melons like cantaloupe and honey dew to give it a mix of colors. You can
use different types of grasses to give it texture.

Do a tablescape with different types of vases filled with citrus and others
with flowers. If you were using lemons and limes cut some in half, slice
some and use some whole. This gives you a variety of textures. Use slices
of fruit in your water pitchers with a sprig of mint. You can also take the
rind of the lemon or lime and create a long curl to use in your
arrangements. Use the whole fruit to lay around the base of your

Line a vase with citrus. You can take leaves and line the vase then put
fruit in between the vase and leaf. You can also do a vase within a vase and
stick the fruit between the space of the vases. This gives you that sliced
fruit looked pressed up against the vase.

Every Blooming Thing is a high end floral and gift shop in the Salt Lake
Valley. They have two locations for your floral needs:
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