Artichokes with Red Pepper Aioli (Gaylic Based Mayonnaise)

4 large artichokes
2 lemons
1 T. salt
1 cup mayonnaise (low fat is fine, too)
1 whole roasted red pepper
1 large clove garlic
1/4 cup fresh basil
1/4 cup olive oil

Place artichokes on work surface. Cut off stem at bottom so that artichoke is flat and can stand up. Cut off 1/2″ from top of artichoke and remove first layer of leaves from bottom
of choke. With a pair of kitchen shears, cut the spiny tips offeach remaining leaf.
Place in bowl with water and I lemon cut in half. When. all artichokes are cleaned, place
in heavy saucepan, large enough to hold all artichokes upright. Place enough water to
have artichokes covered halfway. Add I tablespoon salt and second lemon, cut in half.
Cover; simmer on low heat for 45 – 60 minutes, checking often to make sure water has
not evaporated. When tender, remove from pan and cool to room temperature.
Meanwhile, place mayonnaise, red pepper, garlic, basil and oil in food processor or
Header. Blend until smooth and transfer to a serving bowl and serve along aide
artichokes. Serves 4.

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