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Be an at ease woman. Here are 6 ways to bring more calm into your life

You can be an at ease woman.

As women, we often find ourselves juggling various roles—moms, daughters, sisters, and friends. In the midst of our busy lives, it’s easy to lose sight of the importance of relaxation and being at ease. Author Nicola Jane Hobbs once noted that, despite encountering numerous successful and productive women, finding truly relaxed women felt rare.

Dr. Allison Mangrum shares how to achieve more calm and clarity in our lives.

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How to Be an At Ease Woman

Breaking the Cycle

Allison reflects on her own journey, highlighting the common misconception that external achievements, such as degrees or a certain dress size, can bring inner peace. The realization that true contentment comes from within, independent of external factors, is a crucial step towards becoming an at ease woman.

Scheduling Time for Self-Care

In a world filled with commitments and responsibilities, finding peace requires intentional effort. Allison advocates for scheduling time for rest, play, and activities that bring joy. By prioritizing self-care on par with other obligations, women can break free from the perpetual cycle of waiting for the perfect moment to prioritize themselves.

Let Go of Limiting Rules

Many women live by self-imposed rules that dictate their actions and beliefs about what they can or cannot do. Allison encourages a radical shift by challenging these rules and crossing off anything that hinders personal growth and comfort. Letting go of limiting beliefs is essential for cultivating a mindset of ease and freedom.

Embracing Moments of Calm

While being an “at ease woman” all the time might be unrealistic, Allison emphasizes the importance of recognizing moments of stress and promptly resetting to a state of calm. Drawing on the wisdom that “the clock clicks the same” regardless of our internal rush, she advocates for a mindful approach to handling life’s challenges.

Taking Up Space: The Power of Authenticity

Allison draws inspiration from Brené Brown, urging women to embrace their authenticity and take up space unapologetically. By letting go of societal expectations and prioritizing self-discovery, women can find comfort in being exactly who they are, without the need for conformity.

Being Both Successful and Relaxed

Allison challenges the misconception that success and relaxation are mutually exclusive. She encourages women to recognize that prioritizing self-care doesn’t hinder achievement; instead, it enhances it. Being both efficient and at ease is not only possible but an empowering goal worth pursuing.

Allison’s insights offer practical steps towards achieving calm, clarity, and authenticity in the midst of life’s demands. Embracing the at ease woman mentality can be a transformative journey—one that redefines success and reclaims a sense of self in a chaotic world.

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