These fitness-loving sisters have an infectious energy! Meet Kass Martin and Emily Engemann

We loved having Kass and Emily in our studio!

Some women have that unique “it” factor. They exude warmth, they’re inviting, and you can’t help but want to know more about them. This description perfectly fits Kass Martin and Emily Engemann.

They are not only sisters and best friends, but also business partners who share a profound passion for fitness. Together, they’ve garnered an impressive following of around one million followers on Instagram, where they’re recognized for their fun dance videos and workout advice.

Find Kass and Emily on Instagram, @kassmartin, @emilyengemann. You can learn more about their work on their podcast, “Little Bits of Awesome” and their fitness app, “KassandEmily.” Keep an eye out for their upcoming eBook.


Meet Kass and Emily

Kass and Emily’s mother was a pioneer in group fitness during the 1980s, inspiring her daughters with her passion for health. Fitness is essentially in their blood, and they learned from an early age the value of staying active and healthy.

Kass and Emily are quick to point out that their love for fitness is not simply about the physical aspects. While they may not be avid gym enthusiasts, they truly appreciate how taking care of their bodies makes them feel. It allows them to connect with others, including their own families, in a more profound way.

Dance is a significant part of their fitness journey. While neither of them had formal dance training, it’s something that they’ve embraced wholeheartedly. They understand the inherent joy in dance and how it can make people happier, even those who claim not to enjoy it. Dancing, for them, is not about attention-seeking; it’s about spreading happiness. They dance for the sheer fun of it and genuinely enjoy every moment.

Kass and Emily intentionally focus on promoting positivity and joy. They understand the weight of the world’s problems, but firmly believe in establishing a foundation of positivity to better manage these challenges. They aim to be a source of smiles and hope, providing a break from every day life.

One significant piece of advice they offer is that fitness must be non-negotiable. They believe that making a decision about prioritizing fitness creates a mental shift, finding solutions rather than excuses. Kass and Emily stress that workouts don’t have to be long and grueling; even short five-minute sessions can make a difference in how you feel.

To make fitness more accessible to everyone, they’ve developed a fitness app that offers workouts ranging from five to thirty minutes. They emphasize that every step matters, and taking care of yourself is essential for maintaining a thriving life.

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