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The Giddy Grandma

Show Me How You Nana: 5 grandkid ideas that put value and fun together

These grandkid ideas aren’t just fun, they teach values.

With a little planning and some overarching values to guide her, one woman from Riverdale Utah pulls off relationship-building activities with her grandchildren all year long.

Michele Bettridge shares some ideas about her best grandmothering “wins.”

Visit Michele’s website, for a printable resource with ideas for Christmas activities with grandchildren and families.


Michele Bettridge is a Nana to 8 grandchildren (plus 3 bonus grandkids and 1 bonus great-grandchild). She started a blog called “Giddy Grandma” and a social media account with Facebook and Instagram in 2013 to share ideas with other grandmas to encourage them to “lean in” when it comes to building relationships with their grandkids. She can be found on social media platforms and many of her printables can be found on Etsy. She and her husband Steve live in Riverdale. She still works full-time with the elderly as a life coach for those navigating dementia and then tries to spend as much time as she can planning the next event or party for her grands. 

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