Baby Buzz: By Moms, For Moms

They are the ideas that have you asking “why didn’t I come up with that?”

Studio 5 “Baby Buzz” Contributor Lyndsi Frandsen shares six clever products made by moms, for moms.

Who knows what types of products are beneficial to moms better than moms themselves? There are many products out there that have been thought up by moms from around the country and Utah is no exception! Our great state has produced some “mom-preneurs” that have really come up with wonderful ideas that will make any mom’s life easier.

1. Hot Tot

This hair care line is created specifically for your little one in mind. It is unique in the fact that you won’t find any harsh chemicals in these products. Hot Tot understands that baby’s hair is immature and needs a little something extra. The Hot Tot formula is lighter than other products and washes out with ease! From their Spotless Tot (foam hair and body cleanser), to their Sweet Pea Serum (named after the curly haired baby from Popeye) you will love these products and might even sneak some for yourself! They smell fabulous and understandably so, as they were made to resemble the smell of the founders Cabbage Patch Doll she had as a child!

2. Girlie Glue

Any mom that has had baby girls knows how hard it is to keep accessories attached to their little bald heads! I have heard of people using the most random products from honey, to petroleum jelly, and even Elmer’s Glue! One Utah mom realized this problem and quickly went to work to find a solution. Enter Girlie Glue! This amazing product is created specifically for those little bald heads and trust me, those bows are not going anywhere! The formula is all-natural, and the small tube even makes it easy to tote around in your diaper bag. Girlie Glue has many more uses than just for bows! It is great to use for little girls who don’t have pierced ears but want to wear stick on earrings, and even a great way to get your little boys pretend mustaches to stick on!
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3. In A Pikle bags

Every mom has been in some sort of “pickle” where they have needed a random item, whether it be a safety pin, sewing kit, or Bandaid. Two Utah moms have put their heads together and have come up with the perfect solution for these unforeseen disasters! In A Pikle is a small clutch that literally has everything you could ever need during a small emergency. Toss it in your diaper bag, or throw one into your car, this is a must have item for every mom! Plus, could they be any cuter? Make sure to get one for you and maybe one of your mommy friends. They will thank you!
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4. Binky Spritz

Binkies are a lifesaver for most moms but can also be a huge hassle when your little one is throwing a tantrum and they end up on the dirty floor. Now you can say goodbye to the stress of trying to find something (anything!) to sanitize the disgusting binky. Binky Spritz is made from natural ingredients and will sanitize and get the bacteria off of your child’s binky, toys, high chair trays, sippy cups, and anything that ends up on the disgusting floor. It is small enough to fit inside your diaper bag but let’s be honest, you probably need one for your car, one for your wallet, one for the stroller, etc! This would make a GREAT stocking stuffer!
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5. Peanut Posh Ties

One of the biggest complaints I hear from my mom friends with little boys is the lack dress wear for weddings, church, etc. I always tell them about Peanut Posh and they are never disappointed! Peanut Posh provides moms with the most darling bow ties and ties for their boys. The best part? They even make matching ones for daddy to wear! Every little boy needs a Peanut Posh tie around their neck!

6. Buzzy Personal Pain Control

There is nothing worse than being a mom and not being able to take your child’s pain away. I’m not sure if shots are harder on the kids or the moms! A Utah mom did not invent this product but I had to share this with you! (You can thank me later!) Buzzy is a palm-sized therapeutic massager curved to fit around the body to best transmit the natural pain relief of vibration and temperature. Just like a dentist jiggling a jaw or a burned finger under cool water, combining pleasant sensations can block pain anywhere. You will never again have to dread taking your child to get vaccinated if you have Buzzy to come along! (And I may or may not take it with me the next time I need a shot for myself.)

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