Baby Buzz: Newborn Essentials

They are the new newborn essentials!

Jenna Rammell with the popular blog “Small Fry” shares ten products every new mom wants.

Springtime is all about birth, re-birth, and starting fresh. It seems that everyone we know has a new baby or expecting one soon, and so we decided to round up our absolute favorites for the newborn baby in your life.

1. Honest Diapers: We love Honest Co., they are doing amazing things for the eco-conscious mom. Honest has created a diaper that is not only non-toxic, but has chlorine free pulp, plant-based inner and outer layers, no fragrances, and no lotions or chemical additives. Scientists estimate that a diaper can take up to 500 years to biodegrade in a landfill. These diapers are definitely taking years off those numbers.

2. When Puj tubs launched we were blown away with how progressive their tubs were. Even all these years later there’s nothing like it in the market! The new Flyte folds right in half even! When you’re done, wipe it down with soap and water and you’re good to go! Mold, mildew resistant and not to mention a lot cleaner than the kitchen sink! No more bending over the bathtub side awkwardly trying to wash your slippery babe!

3. Now that you’re babe is fresh and clean, you need something equally soft and cozy to wrap them up in! You’ve probably all experienced Little Giraffe’s luxe blankets, but did you know they make hooded towels too? Perfect for right after the bath and made with that super soft Little Giraffe material we know and love.

4. Time to get dressed! We can’ bear putting new babies in anything other than the most soft and comfortable clothing. We love Candy Kirby Designs leggings because they’re not only soft, but their line of super cool designs is a breath of fresh air from all the trains and terriers we see on most infant clothing. Note: Small Fry collaborated on the design of this pair, it’s limited edition and sure to sell out quick!

5. Newborn footwear is the silliest concept ever. Socks and shoes are cumbersome to get on their tiny feet in the first place, and then the odds are good that they’ll fall right off! Freshly Picked moccasins are really the only shoe we bother with at this age. It stays on, it’s not too tight, wide enough for even the chubbiest of feet, and of course, the new colors in their Spring line are so darling.

6. If you have one of those newborns that wants to be held, or wants to be in constant motion, or maybe you just can’t seem to put the sweet thing down, and we don’t blame you! Either way, you need your arms handy to stay productive, especially if you have more children at home. We love baby-wearing and we love Solly Baby wraps for this purpose! Our babies love being close to us, and we love being close to them, while having free arms for the other million things we have to get done!

7. When you’re ready to take your newborn out on the town, it can be totally frightening. You want to protect them from germs and the elements, and make sure their comfortable and secure. Bugaboo’s bassinet stroller system is wonderful for those sleep newborns. You can remove the bassinet and bring it right in with you from errands or a walk, and when you’re ready to upgrade to a regular upright seat, it switches right out!

8. When it’s time to get them settled for bed, we love picking a special blanket for them that they can use each night. It’s sentimental really, and we love Little Hip Squeaks organic material and cool designs on their swaddling blankets. Not too thick, breathable, and cozy, it’s the perfect swaddler.

9. Whether your a breast or bottle feeder, all moms need a night out, or a kid-free run to the mall every now and then. For those times, we love Life Factory Bottles – glass, sturdy as can be, and BPA free, they also come with bright colored silicone grippers that makes them easy to hold, and spot your purse. – Soel Boutique

10. When they’re finally ready for some shut-eye, a good mobile is key! It’s great for training those brand new eyes, we love seeing their little arms and legs kick and reach for them. And the movement also soothes and lulls them right to sleep! Petit Collage makes the coolest wood mobiles that are beautiful and they make a great unisex gift, as they will go in virtually any nursery!

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