Baby On A Budget: Kid To Kid

Rebekah Hales explains how to save money on maternity and babv items at Kid to Kid.

When you first get pregnant, it’s really exciting, but for many – especially in today’s economy – it’s a little scary thinking about all the things you’ll need to buy. From maternity clothes for you, to clothes and equipment and diapers and toys for the baby, it can be a huge investment.

Here are a few money-saving tips:

TIP #1 – Save on maternity fashions for each stage of                pregnancy

The first way to save is to think Kid to Kid when you first get pregnant – starting with the maternity department where you’ll find a variety of brands and styles for every budget.

Maternity clothes are tricky – Need different things for each stage of the pregnancy – especially for pants.

First trimester – hopefully you won’t need maternity clothes – especially if you have a BellaBand. This accessory is really cool for transitioning in and out of pregnancy.

You can keep wearing your regular jeans – just unzip them. The BellaBand holds them up – meaning that you can buy fewer maternity pants. What’s even better, is that after you’ve delivered the baby, you can get back into your regular jeans sooner, wearing the BellaBand as a fashion accessory until you’re back to your pre-pregnancy figure. Kid to Kid carries these new, so you can pick your color and size.

In the second trimester one comfortable style is pants with an under belly panel. They contour and support your belly while providing minimum coverage.

As your belly grows, the secret fit belly panel is the most comfortable style. It can be worn up, or folded down under the belly. The panel is really lightweight so it doesn’t feel uncomfortable on your tummy.

Tip #2 – Sell your things promptly

Sell your things promptly. Kid to Kid carefully selects current maternity styles and fashions from women who just finished wearing them so we’ll have current styles for our shoppers. Don’t wait for a couple years to sell your clothes. By then they’re not worth much. Trade them in right away. You can choose cash or 20% more in store credit. It’s great, because you can use this money to save on things your baby will need like a highchair or exersaucer or even clothes.

Tip #3 – Out-fit and equip a newborn for under $150 at Kid to                Kid

Some people spend thousands of dollars outfitting their new baby. But in you shop at Kid to Kid you should be able to completely outfit your new baby and nursery for under $150. So come in shopping for maternity clothes, and while you’re there start checking out the great deals on baby equipment and clothing. Here’s an example of what you could find at Kid to Kid for $150.

$40       20 Sleepers, onesies, gowns, and outfits.

Just one or two outfits new might cost as much as all the clothing things you see here.

$15       Bouncy seat – originally $45, K2K price $15

$15       FloorGym (like TinyLove) – originally $60, K2K price $15

$10       Receiving blankets and rattles

$10       Baby bath tub, towel and socks or booties

$30       Infant Carseat

$30       Bassinet – originally $80, K2K price $30

Tip #4 – Think Kid to Kid for Baby Showers

If you’re uncomfortable giving a used gift at a baby shower – which most of us are – buy a Kid to Kid Gift Certificate, or shop for some of the great brand new products that our stores carry.

A Kid to Kid Gift Certificate is a great gift for two reasons:

1. You’re able to give 3 or 4 times as much value as you’d give if you shopped somewhere else.

2. You’re really giving a gift worth thousands of dollars by introducing a friend to a lifetime of savings in a store where they can save thousands of dollars as their child grows.

Visit one of the 12 Utah Kid to Kid locations and start saving or earning today.

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