Back to School Gifts

Brittany Beattie with Creating Keepsakes Magazine has gift ideas that are creative and cost-effective.

Send your student back to school on a creative note with these projects from the September 2010 issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine. Whether you’re sending a surprise for your amazing student or you want to offer their teacher or bus driver a nice hello, these ideas are sure to impress and make this important time extra memorable. Plus, they’re all easy to create and cost effective, adding to their A+ style!

Note Card Set

by Megan Hoeppner

Color your student’s new teacher a one-of-a-kind stationery set with these monochromatic note cards, which can be made from scraps of cardstock and patterned paper. Top them off with a few monochromatic accents (buttons, flowers, etc.) for a touch of texture and pizzazz.
Technique to Note: Add to the theme of your cards by giving them in a personalized crayon box. Cut crayons from the same bits of paper you used to create your notes, and adhere them to the box for an eye-catching finishing touch.

Personalized Pencil Treat

by Jaime Ward

What could be better than a chocolate surprise disguised as a cute pencil? These noteworthy treats are made by wrapping cardstock around a package of Rolos and topping that treat of with a sharpened Hershey’s Kiss.
Technique to Note: Create the look of the pencil tip by cutting the end of your yellow cardstock with decorative edge scissors.

Day 1 Care Package

by Mou Saha

The first day of school can be a nerve-wracking experience for a young student. Send them off on the right foot with this adorable care package. Simply add a few school-themed accents to a small bag and insert a few of the necessities (tissue, pencils, Band-Aids, granola bars, hand sanitizer, etc.).

Technique to Note: For an added touch, wrap your supplies with and include a written note. These extra touches are sure to make your student’s transition easier.

Lunchbox Containers

by Laina Lamb

Your students aren’t the only ones who have supplies to sort. Teachers also have a number of supplies that will need stashing, which is why these customized lunchbox tins are sure to make the grade.
Technique to Note: Add black cardstock and white letter stickers to mimic the look of a chalkboard.

Chalkboard Treat & Supply Container

by Megan Hoeppner

Make your child’s teacher the star of the school with this easy-to-make welcome gift. Simply add chalkboard wall vinyl labels (available at Stampin’ Up!) to a glass jar (or a stack of jars, like these from Tai Pan Trading) and insert a few goodies.

Technique to Note:For instructions on how to add vinyl to glass, check out the how-to article on the Creating Keepsakes website.

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