Back to School Ideas

Be an A+ Mom (or dad) as your kids go Back to School This Year. Get some ideas on how to send your kids back into the classroom with some clever ideas.

Emily Hover from Pioneer Party and Gift shares some ideas for making the first day of school memorable.

1. PHOTO OP! First of all, you want to document how stinking cute your kids are as they return to school for a new year. We have made a few free printables for each child to hold for a quick photo op. Whether your child is starting preschool or 11th grade – have them pose for a quick photo with their sign. This is a perfect way to start out the year.

2. Personalized Notepads& Pencil Boxes: Grab a regular notepad or pencil box and let us personalize it for you! For $1.50 we will print out your child’s name on their notepad. OR grab one ready to go that says, “TAKE NOTE – MAKE IT A GREAT SCHOOL YEAR!” (for notepads) A great way to make your child feel special!

3. Special Lunch Gable Box: The first day back to school is definitely in need of a special lunch! Whatever you decide to pack, pack it in style with our homemade disposable lunch box. Tags could read, “A Lunch fit for a KING” or “A lunch fit for a princess” or “A special lunch for a special kid” Design your own label (superhero, second grade snacks, etc.) and attach it to one of our inexpensive gable boxes!

4. Gumball Jar: Set a jar full of colorful gumballs on the table for the kids to grab after school if they’ve had a good day. “A gumball a day keeps the back to school jitters away!” A good option if you kids who might be a little nervous going back to school.


These are designed to be small little packages perfect to leave on a breakfast plate, pack in a backpack, or place on a pillow the night before. We have designed the cutest tags, complete with striped bakers twine to finish it off! Available on our website.

1. Hope you have a RED HOT day! (red hot candy)
2. FISHING you the best day ever! (Swedish fish)
3. Hope you have an EXTRA good day! (extra gum)
4. To start the school year off WRITE (package full of pencils or pens)
5. Wishing you a school year that is full of COLOR (crayons and smarties)
6. Hey Smarty Pants – I love you! (smarties)
7. Lei Back and enjoy the school year! (a plastic lei tied to some stacked candybars)
8. Going back to school… don’t forget to be NICE to everyone! (attached to a NICE brand of goodies) OR “Don’t worry, I know you’ll have a NICE day!”

AFTER SCHOOL TREATS – If you don’t have time to have a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies waiting on the table, pick up one of these easy little pick-me-ups!

1. “Hope your day was the BERRY best!” Box of Quaker Chewy school days berry granola bars. We’ve added a ribbon handle so it can be hung to the front door for your kids to share.

2. “After school Fuel” A bottle of water is wrapped with a darling paper stating that it is “after school fuel.” A single-pack of lemonade is tied to it making it a special little treat for your little (or big) one!

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