Back to School: Locker Décor

It’s a rite of passage for junior high school girls – decorating the locker. It’s a way to show off personal style and taste, while creating a little space that becomes home away from home.

So what are the rules? Most school districts restrict the use of tape, stickers, and glue on lockers and may impose a fine for any subsequent damage. The goal is to leave the locker as you found it – bare! That’s why magnets are a MUST for adhering anything to a locker. Craft stores and office supply stores are both great resources for finding stick and peel magnetic tape and paper.

1. Pick a theme: Once you pick a theme, the ideas will start flowing and that will provide the foundation for choosing your wallpaper and accessories.

Ideas for themes could include:

• Favorite books, music, or movies

• Sports

• Places traveled

• School clubs or interests (drama, music, science)

• Hobbies (fashion, dance, photography)

• Pop Culture (High School Musical, Hannah Montana)

• Holidays (rotate décor throughout the year)

2. Pick the wallpaper: Wallpaper serves as the background for any accessorizing and can do double duty as a message center. You can select wallpaper based on the chose theme. For example a laminated map would make great wallpaper for a travel theme.
Ideas for wallpaper:

• Laminate pattern paper, which doubles as a dry erase board for notes. Remember that almost anything can be cut to size and laminated for wallpaper including maps, photos, and color copies of books or movies.

• Cover cork board with fabric, and hang notes using push pins. Attach magnets to the back of the cork board for hanging.

• Make streamers using ribbon and punched paper pieces.

3. Craft your accessories: The good news is that you can magnetize ANYTHING! So have fun with this.
Ideas for accessories:

• Small toys or game pieces

• Barrettes or hair clips

• Words or letters cut from magazines

• Calendars (laminate a blank calendar to use as dry erase)

• Pencil cases (holds gum and other small grab and go items)

• Monogrammed letters and shapes hung from ribbon

• Erasers

• Clip art

• Funny photo art (put real photos on exaggerated bodies)

4. Throw a locker party: Send invitations and ask each girl to bring $5 dollars. Take them to the dollar store and let them get creative. When you return home, let them loose at the kitchen table. Make sure to gather basic supplies in advance including: magnetic tape, spray paint/acrylic paint, scissors, glue, glitter, and rhinestones.

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