Kid to Kid: Shopping Tips

Now that your kids are back in school, join the 68% of families nationwide that have chosen to shop creatively to dress their kids for less.

One of the best shopping strategies is to shop upscale resale stores like Kid to Kid that stock good quality, current style apparel at great prices. It’s amazing how the savings add up.

Ele Morgan from the new American Fork Kid to Kid store gives tips on how to shop resale stores so you can come up with a great wardrobe for your kids.

Tip #1 It pays to shop often.

Sometimes customers hit the lotto and find bags and bags of things in their child’s size, and other times they may find only a few items. Shopping success frequently depends on what came in yesterday or the day before.
One jackpot day on parent found Heely skates. She was thrilled that they only cost $15. The new ones she’d been longing for were $65. Another lotto day was when she found a whole new wardrobe at Kid to Kid including Limited 2 capris that were only $6.99 compared to about $34 new. Add a Justice top, lace cami, and sparkly ballet style shoes for a total outfit cost of $18. The whole outfit including the Heeleys cost less than $25.00. Altogether, this mom saved over $135.00 on these two outfits.

Tip #2 Buy it when you see it.

Every item at Kid to Kid is a “one of a kind” which is both good and bad. It means that they have a larger variety of items to choose from than any store in the state. In some sizes they have more than 400 unique items — which is great. But it also means that there’s not another one if someone else buys the item first.
Ava (18 months) and her big sister Ainsley are modeling some of those one-of-a-kind outfits. Shown on the show was a pink and brown paisley sweater coat, baby doll long sleeved shirt, and brown pants by the designer brand Tea. This outfit was originally $123 for all three pieces, but at Kid to Kid, it was only $13 for the whole thing. The Gymboree outfit including tan corduroy jacket would have been $32.50 at Gymboree, but was $4.99 at Kid to Kid. The whole outfit, including shoes and Gymboree owl socks, was $19 -saving her mom over $70. Check out coordinating hair accessories you can also find at Kid to Kid.

Tip #3 Ask to see the things that haven’t been put out yet.

Kid to Kid stores frequently buy 300 to 500 items per day. They try to get everything tagged right away, but it often takes a few hours to get it all hung and put out on the floor. Sometimes you’ll find treasures in the bins or on the rolling rack behind the counter waiting to go out. That’s where the outfits modeled by Carter and Drake came from including GAP pants, Gymboree shirt, and Land’s End Jacket that look like new. The only difference from new ones is the price. Carter’s whole outfit only cost $20 including his Sketcher shoes. His favorite Hulk Backpack was only $4.99. Drake’s GAP top and pants and DC shoes cost over $85 new, but less than $15 at K2K. Total savings on these outfits is about $120.

Tip #4 Take your payment in store credit.

Kid to Kid pays you cash for top quality kid’s stuff, but you’ll earn 20% more – which means that it’s the best way to inexpensively rotate your kid’s wardrobes and toys. The family who sold us the crib featured in today’s show took payment in store credit so they could purchase the toddler bed (also featured in today’s show) They found a Little Tikes race car bed and ended up saving $80 in the process. (Bed $159.88 Walmart on line 8/28/08)

Tip #5 Kid to Kid also sells new items

Kid to Kid sells new items including hair accessories, toys and dress-ups. They look for unique items that they can price at a substantial savings. They have a great selection of hair bows and baby headbands priced less than the carts in the malls. They also carry new dressups. Even though today model’s dress is brand new, it’s still priced about 50% lower than princess dresses at Target. These are great for dress-up or for Halloween.

On Saturday, September 13th, Kid to Kid is having its annual costume event, and all 12 Utah K2K stores will be putting out costumes – both new and used. They’ve been buying and saving costumes all year, so there’s sure to be a great selection- all priced substantially lower than you’d pay elsewhere. And now is a great time to sell your costumes from last year too!

At Kid to Kid you can save hundreds of dollars and still outfit and equip your kids in top quality products.

To get more information about Kid to Kid, go to their website at and check out the nearest Kid to Kid location to you in American Fork, Bountiful, Holladay, Layton, Lindon, Ogden, Provo, Salt Lake City, Sandy, South Jordan, St. George and West Valley City.

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