Baked Taquitos

Bake up a batch of homemade Taquitos and feed your family, fast!

Baked Taquitos
1 lb. Cooked and shredded meat (hamburger, chicken, pork)

1-2 T. Taco seasoning

2 c. grated cheese (whatever kind you have but Mexican flavored is best)

2 T. fresh lime juice

½ c. green or red salsa

1 can refried beans

3 oz. softened cream cheese

36 small flour tortillas (Corn tortillas will fall apart. The flavor is good but structurally
don’t hold up.)

Oil to spread on the Taquitos

Preheat oven to 425°. Line 3-4 baking sheets with parchment paper.

In a gallon zippered bag, combine all ingredients except tortillas. Mix thoroughly, cut a
small corner off the bag and set aside.

Warm each 12 piece bag of tortillas in the microwave for 30 to 45 seconds. Take one
tortilla at a time and squeeze about two tablespoons of filling on the tortilla and spread
it out on half of the tortilla as you roll it up, the filling will push across the rest of the
tortilla. The filling expands so don’t put too much in. Roll the tortilla as tightly as
possible and place them seam side down on the baking sheet making sure Taquitos are
not touching. Repeat until all filling is gone.

Put a small amount of oil (olive oil is better for you) on the Taquitos and spread with
your fingers or a small brush. For extra flavoring, sprinkle a little taco seasoning over
all. Bake for 15-20 minutes or until golden and crispy.

Serve with sour cream and salsa and/or guacamole. Kids especially like to dip them in
Ranch dressing

To freeze, cool completely, place on zippered bag in the freezer. When ready to serve,
remove as many taquitos as desired. Microwave individually on defrost setting for 1
min. each. If warming for a crowd, warm in the oven at 350 for about 6 min. Serve with
any of the dips listed below.

This recipe lends itself to many substitutions. Use ingredients that your family likes.
Use just refried beans, rice and cheese, or shredded meat with cheese and cream cheese.
Add corn, green chilies, jalapeños etc. If you are not using refried beans, use cream
cheese to hold everything together in the bag as you squeeze it out.

Make dessert Taquitos with pie filling, thickened fruit or jam. Spread a small amount
over the tortilla, roll it up, brush with olive oil and sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar.
Bake as per instructions. Frost with a thin vanilla frosting drizzled over the top and
serve either warm or cold.

Remember not to overfill as the filling will just flow out of the Taquitos.
Vanilla Frosting
¼ c. butter (melted)

1 T. milk

1 1/2 c. powdered sugar

1 t. vanilla

½ t. almond flavoring

Pinch of salt

Mix together to make a thin frosting. Adjust the consistency by adding more milk or more
powdered sugar so that it can be drizzled over the Taquitos. An easy way to drizzle, is to
place frosting in a small sandwich bag and cut a very small piece off the corner.


Ranch Dressing—(Kids especially love this.)

Sour Cream with lettuce and tomatoes

Yogurt with Taco seasoning stirred in

Onion and sour cream dip

Warmed Salsa

Cheese Dip
½ c. butter

2 c. soft cheese (Monterey Jack, Velveeta, etc.)

1 to 2 4 oz. cans green chilies

½ c. sour cream

Mix together and heat until melted. Serve with baked taquitos. This lends itself to be
served in a small crockpot to keep it warm.

Chili Cheese Dip
16 oz. Cream cheese

1 15 oz. can chili with no beans

16 oz. cheese

In a microwave safe bowl, spread softened cream cheese, pour chili over cream cheese and
spread shredded cheese over all. Heat in the microwave for 5-6 min. or in the oven for 15
min. Serve warm with Taquitos.

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