Bakers Twine: Halloween And Thanksgiving Projects

Bakers Twine is so hot right now in crafting and creating. It’s a great way to
mix up your holiday décor because the creative uses for bakers twine are

Keri Romeril with Twisted Sugar Twine shares fun ideas to use bakers twine
in Halloween and Thanksgiving projects.

1: Twine Ghosts & Monsters

These cute and creepy little fellows are easy to make using bakers twine.
Check out the Twisted Sugar website for an easy photo tutorial on how to tie
a twine tassel. To complete your tassel, glue on googly eyes. Two googly
eyes for ghosts and one big googly eye for the monster.

Great ideas:

-Gift-wrap and hang on a treat bag

-Make a garland

-Drink charm

How to tie a tassel:

2. Boo Bags

Ghost treat bags so easy it’s scary!

Frosted plastic gift bags or white sac bags turn into a ghost after trimming
off the tops. Round the top corners of each bag with scissors and glue two
googly eyes. Fill the bag with your Halloween treats. Punch two holes through
the top portion of the bag and thread your Twisted Sugar Twine bakers twine
through the holes, and tie in a bow.

3. ITSY BITSY Wreath

Turn any wreath into a cute and creepy spider web in minutes!
To do so, randomly distribute 8-10 pushpins around the backside of the
wreath. With the bakers twine tie a knot around a pushpin. Take your string
and go to the opposite side of the wreath and loop around pushpin,
repeating this step up, down, and side to side with all pushpins until desired
web look is achieved. (For big impact, place a large plastic spider in the
middle of web). For more crawling fun, cut and hang long strands of twine
from wreath and adorn with plastic spiders crawling up twine.

4. Thanksgiving Table Decoration

Leaf Candle Holder:
Affix a single fall leaf around a jar. Wrap bakers twine around leaf jar and tie
a bow.

Twig Candle Holder:
Measure candle/jar height. cut sticks to size with floral shears. (Use twig
branches or cinnamon sticks). You’ll need about 20 lengths per candle/jar.
Run hot glue along stick. Attach stick vertically to side of candle/jar. Be sure
to use a low-temperature setting to minimize melting. When glued stick is
dry; glue next stick snugly against it. Repeat step to cover candle/jar. Using
bakers twine tie a bow around candle/jar.

5. The Thankful Tree

A fun and simple Thanksgiving project the whole family will be thankful for.
Take a bunch of long branches and place in a large vase or jar. Wrap bakers
twine around the top of the vase/jar. Cut out scrapbook paper shaped leaves,
circles, tags, hearts, or get as creative as you’d like. Use marker or pen to
write on each leaf one thing you are thankful for. Punch a hole in the finished
leaf about 1/4 to 1/2 inch from any edge. Cut twine 5-7 inches long. Put the
twine through the hole and tie the ends together to make a loop. Hang the
loop over a branch end.

Great ideas:

-Advent Calendar (Count down to Thanksgiving Day). Number your thankful
leafs and hang one for each day.

-A fun project for the kids and family members while dinner is preparing.

-Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece. A terrific conversation piece to read at the
table before or after Thanksgiving dinner.

Mini Thankful Gift Kit
Surprise a friend with this easy to make thankful activity kit to enjoy with
their families.

Mini thankful tree gift kit:
Bakers Twine
Printable leaves Cut Paper Leaves
Vase/Mason Jar
Printable Instruction tag and
Print off Thankful gift tag with instructions. Write on tag something your
grateful for about the person receiving the gift. Tie and hang tag around

6. Indian Corn Husk Favor

Cut corn husks around 6 inches in length and the width of treat bags. Place
corn husk inside the top of the treat bag. Tie baggy with bakers twine. Fray
corn husks; cutting into multiple strips. Using bakers twine add tag to bag.
To download printables: ‎

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