Balancing Your Air Flow

Tony Oakman from Lee’s Heating and Air explains how you can check it and fix it.

Whether it is winter or summer, balancing your vents and replacing older, less efficient vents with newer registers will increase air flow, reduce energy use and save you money. For example, if you measure an older register vent that produces an air flow of 80 Cubic Feet per Minute, and then change it to a new improved register with a reading that may be as high as 100 Cubic Feet per Minute – that is a 25% increase in air flow. So you increase the air flow by 25%, which will increase energy efficiency and can save you up to $250.

Darin went with Tony to see how you measure air flow and test for efficiency. Tony used a testing device called an air flow hood that measures velocity and volume of air from vents in your home.

Not everyone has access to an air flow hood, so Lee’s Heating and Air would be happy to test your air flow. Lee’s is running two specials right now, call 801-747-LEES and schedule Lee’s to come out to your home. They will test and replace up to six vents for only 59 dollars. Lee’s is also offering a furnace check up to make sure it is running properly and safe for winter for only 39 dollars. Normally these two services would cost you 256 dollars, but right now you can get both for only 98 dollars.

You can contact Lee’s at 801-747-LEES or online at to take advantage of two special offers this month: a $39 Furnace Checkup, and a Flow Hood Test and Vent Replacement for up to Six Vents for $59.

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