Time-Saving Organizing Gadgets

Professional organizer Kelly Pratt shares some of her favorite Organizing Gadgets!


Labelers are an organizing gadget must-have. Labelers save enormous amounts of time because labeling your containers, shelves, drawers and paper systems makes it easier to find things and put them away—in their proper place. How many hours have you spent in the last year looking for misplaced items or buying duplicates of items you find after you get home from the store? Labeling your space helps you avoid these and other time wasters.

My favorite labelers are in the Brother P-Touch series. You can find them for the best price at www.costco.com.


The Doorganizer is a brilliant time-saver designed to help you avoid leaving your little pile of must-takes on the counter and then forgetting it or making a mad dash to find your keys when you’re already running late. You can stash all your items—including your keys—in this handy door hanger, which you can grab on your way out to the car. So smart!

The Doorganizer comes in four colors for $14.99 at Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/Unforgettable-Doorganizer-Collection/dp/B000F0FXRA


NeatReceipts is a desktop scanner primarily for receipts and business cards. If your bag is bulging with either of these items, NeatReceipts could be a lifesaver. NeatReceipts extracts the important information from receipts and business cards and automatically organizes it for you. You can also export receipt information to a number of finance tracking software packages and financial information scanned from NeatReceipts is accepted by the IRS.

NeatReceipts and the larger NeatDesk scanner are available for $180 to $400, respectively, at www.neatco.com.

Levenger Circa Notepads and Binders

The Circa system comes with a unique binding system that allows you to integrate paper of all sizes into one single binder. Circa notebooks range from purse- to letter-size and are made with beautiful, high-quality paper. The Circa system saves you tons of information transfer time.
To order Circa notebooks, visit www.levenger.com.


The Demy is the first and only kitchen-safe digital organizer and holds 2,500 recipes! The Demy syncs to your personal recipe account on www.keyingredient.com by plugging it into your computer USB port. You can create multiple cookbooks, create a “short list” of favorite recipes, and use the included timer, conversion and substitution features. The Demy is being praised by such notables as Martha Stewart and has been featured on the Today and Early shows.

If you’re interested in ordering, visit www.mydemy.com. The Demy costs about $300, so it’s for the serious recipe connoisseur.

Happy organizing!

For more information on getting organized go to: www.spaceslimitedorganizing.com

Email: Kelly Pratt at: kelly@spaceslimitedorganizing.com

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