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Be a good sport! Here are 5 ways to teach kids sportsmanship

Want your kids to have good sportsmanship? Be a good sport yourself.

The Winter Games are full of falls and tumbles. But we also see tremendous examples of good sportsmanship. We can instill that same caliber of competition, in our kids. Not just in sports, but in every competition, or family game night.

Studio 5 Parenting Contributor Heather Johnson is here to tell us how to raise a good sport.

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Know the Signs of an Overly Competitive Child

Be a “good sport” parent

We have to be a good example, in what we say and how we support.

Redefine Losing

Losing isn’t bad!

Change your questions

We have to ask different questions after our children play or compete. No more picking up our kids after a game and asking “if they won.”

Let them teach

Letting them teach others helps them learn patience and teaches them to set a good example.

Monitor household competition

Structure household competition so that kids compete against themselves, not against each other. Teach them to say,”Did I do better than last time?” Not, “Did I do better than you?”

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