Be Authentic: Five Authentic Looks Worth Repeating

Studio 5 Beauty & Style Expert Holly Stone reveals five authentic looks…worth repeating.


Audrey Hepburn embodied the essence of femininity. She was often seen wearing printed dresses. Make sure as you choose a printed dress that you stay in scale of your bone structure. If you have small bone structure, choose small patterns or prints. Medium bone structure can do medium or small prints. Large bone structure can do medium or large prints.


Jackie O was photographed often with her signature large frame glasses. In choosing sunglasses, knowing your face shape is key. There are 7 different face shapes: Oval, Elongated Oval, Round (circle),Square, Heart, Rectangle, Triangle.

There are 2 general rules to follow when choosing the correct eyeglass frame for your face shape:

• The frame shape should contrast with the face shape

• The frame size should be in scale with the face size

Choosing the right style depends on more than whether you like a certain design. Large frame styles fall outside the general rule and are trendier. If you want to look your best, then it will depend on everything from your face shape, hairstyle and your coloring.

Jackie O really was a fashion legend. This pristine icon was the perfect fashion plate for designers. Here she is photographed with her “equestrienne look” of leggings tucked into her long boots with a tailored jacket. The trend is still popular with boot lengths varying from short cropped to calf length. Leggings this season should be paired with a longer top to stay current to trend.


Coco Chanel was not only a fashion designer, but a fashion icon herself. Known for her classic black and white designs, she often accented her look with long pearls. Pearls can be worn as a choker best with a round neck or square neck collar. Wear them long to create a long, lean vertical look. Double them creating one short and one long to be current to the double and triple strand trend.


Marilyn Monroe was the epitome of sexy. With her false eyelashes and bright red lips, she was a glamour

diva through and through. Red lips are big for fall. Remember in choosing the best red, you must determine whether you are more cool or warm in color temperature, and then choose the red in that color base. Red can be worn in the daytime by using a more sheer formula. For evening, a bold matte formula will catch the eye. False eyelashes can add depth and drama to your eyes. Apply right at the lash line with an eyelash adhesive. Choose the style of lash that you are comfortable with and then have fun experimenting!


Princess Diana was known for her gentle grace. A fashion legend, her style has often been imitated. Photographed frequently in 2 piece suits, she exuded elegance and captured adoration. Look for a solid color suit with button detail and cut in at the waist for a most flattering look. Knee length should be determined based on your legs. Your skirt should come above or below the widest part of your leg so as to not draw attention to it.


Madonna has a style all her own. In her career debut, she was often seen wearing scarves or ribbon in her hair. This trend has come full circle and can be recreated if you have straight or curly hair. The bow is optional. It should not be tied too large but more loosely so it flows. Use thick or thin ribbon according to the scale (large or small) of your face shape and hair style.

Most of us don’t realize that we have distinct preferences when it comes to the way we dress which translates into personal style. Here are some thought provoking questions that can give you some insight into what your personal style is. Being conscious of the preferences you have when you decide to purchase something will allow you to begin thinking of the “why” behind them.

This may help you get to know yourself a little better:

ONLINE EXTRA: Defining Your Own Personal Style
Use this quick quiz to determine your own personal style and use it as a shopping guide as you define your own authentic look.

What word(s) best describe your personal style?

Sporty___ Dressy___ Casual ___ Professional ____ Formal ____

What adjectives best describe how you like to look and feel most of the time?

(For example: Casual Feminine Practical Modest)

What factors determine your decision to buy an article of clothing?

(For example: Color Brand Designer Trendy Beautiful Durable Good Fit Affordable Comfortable Modest)

What type of clothing do you feel most comfortable wearing?

(For example: Dramatic Casual Trendy Dressy Classic Sophisticated)

What is your favorite color(s)

What is your favorite article(s) of clothing to wear (shoes, jewelry, jackets, pants, etc)?

What is your least favorite type of clothing or accessory to wear (shoes, clothes, jewelry)?

What types of clothes do you generally wear on a daily basis?

How do you like your clothes to fit?

Form fitted ___ Semi fitted ___ Loose ____

How much printpattern are you comfortable wearing (checks, stripes, floral, abstract)?

None____ Small amounts ____ Medium amounts ___ A lot love them ___

What pattern / print size are you most comfortable wearing (checks, strips, floral, abstract)?

Small size ___ Medium Size ____ Large Size ___

What print pattern color contrast are you most comfortable wearing

StrongBold ____ Subtlelittle ____ None ____

What type of jewelry do you like to wear or wear most of the time?

Earrings ___ Bracelet ___ Necklace____ Rings ____ Pins____

What types of fabric do you love or feel comfortable wearing?

What types of fabrics do you feel uncomfortable or dislike wearing?

Do you like to layer your clothes? Y / N

Do you like to accessorize your outfits? Y / N

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