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Beat the heat wave! These 5 things will give you the cold blast you’re craving

Utah is seeing record summer temperatures! These cool products will help you beat the heat.

By Lauren Tippetts

If you’ve stepped outside in the past few weeks, you might have wanted to turn right back around to your trusty air conditioner. But arm yourself with a few handy products and you’ll be able to brave the heat wave like a pro! Hike the trail in comfort, run your errands sans sweat, or just chill in your own backyard! Here are five things that will make our desert outdoors feel a little more comfortable.


Mini Handheld Fan, $13.99

Take a cool breeze with you wherever you go! Stuff this little fan into your purse, pool bag, or Camelbak for an on-the-go air source. Charge it up via USB and you’re ready face the day!


Microfiber Cooling Towels, $15.99

You might have a sweat towel handy when your working out or doing yard work, but this one goes above and beyond! Run it under cold water, wring it out, and it stays chilled for up to three hours! This pack comes with four, so everyone in the family can have their own.


Misting Water Bottle, $11.47

Hydrate and stay cool! This water bottle has a built in mister on top for max level cooling. Take a sip, spritz your face, and get back to the grind!


Outdoor Misters, $22.99

You spend a lot of time making your backyard a pleasant place to be, but no one wants to hang out when it’s 100 degrees! Set up some misters to keep the air cool. You can enjoy the yard and get the occasional waft of cold mist.


Cooling Pillow, $31.99

If you tend to run hot at night, a cooling pillow is the solution. No more flipping it over again and again throughout the night. This bamboo pillow stays cold so you can get a good night’s rest.

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