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Beautiful flowers, less water! 5 plants that can survive with little watering

These flowers need less water to survive and thrive.

It’s only April, and we’re already seeing severe water restrictions all across Utah. Some water districts are restricting residents to water once a week. A lot of Utahns are wondering, is it even worth planting anything this year? Can anything survive with that little water?

Sheriden Hansen says there are perennials that need water, less than once a week, that still promise vibrant color and bloom throughout the hot summer. She shares water-wise perennials that still pack a punch in your landscaping.

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5 Plants That Need Less Water to Survive

Sheriden says it is possible to have a thriving landscape with watering once a week, it just takes a shift in mindset. We will still need to water occasionally, but these plants, once established, can tolerate watering once every 7 to 10 days, depending on how well your soil holds moisture.

To get season-long color with perennials, she suggests visiting local nurseries throughout the growing season. We often visit in the spring and fall in love with everything blooming. We bring home these plants and then we get one flush of color in the spring. If we visit spring, summer, and fall, we can have plants that bloom throughout the summer and give us that season long interest and appeal in the garden.

Sheriden’s 5 favorite perennials to look for are:



Hummingbird Mint



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