Beautifully Bronzed

The Spring runways were all about it – sculpted cheeks, glowing skin and
tan tones. Bronzer is a great way to “wake-up” your winter white skin, if
done right.

Professional Make-Up Artist Janelle Corey shares some helpful tips.

Build to Bronze

It’s always best to get a natural looking tan by doing your bronzing process
in layers. It is an extra step that takes a little bit longer, but well worth it.

I love “Clarins Liquid Bronze for Face and Declotee” sunless tanner. It’s a
moisturizing lotion that gives off a natural tan. It’s gentle and layers easily.
I recommend it to everyone! Put it on at night about 20-30 minutes before
you go to bed and you will wake up with a beautiful glow.

Skip the Shimmer

The more frequently you use the sunless tanner, the less often you have to
use a powdered bronzer. However, if you are using a powdered bronzer, I
definitely recommend using MAC’s Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Powder. I
love the color “medium deep.” It goes with most complexions and gives a
nice glow rather than having large sparkles on your face. I like to avoid
anything that is too sparkly unless you’re under the age of about 23. Not
many people who come walking off the beach are covered with shimmer. If
your complexion is warmer there are some other colors that are really
beautiful, as well.

Hit the High Points

You want to apply the powdered bronzer to your face in all of the places
that the sun would hit it if you were to stare up into the sky: forehead, T-
zone, cheekbones, sides of neck, decolette, tops of shoulders (otherwise
known as the “high points” of your face).

Personally, I don’t love a liquid bronzer, but if you are going to use one, I
definitely recommend using a sponge or brush for a more even application.

Don’t Bag the Blush

Don’t forget to finish off your look with a great blush. I love the look of a
cream blush on sunkissed skin. It looks dewey and youthful. Bobbi Brown
and MAC both make a great cream blush compacts. You can also use them
on your lips, as well. If you prefer powder, Christian Dior has a great blush
duo with a color meant to highlight the top of your cheekbone and another
for the lower part of your cheek. The two blended together are beautiful.
Nars is always great with their blush color selection as well. They have
stunning colors.

Keep Make-Up Monochromatic

I think keeping your makeup sort of monochromatic is very complimentary
on bronzed skin. For instance, we’ve done orange lipstick on the model,
paired it with a tangerine and peach blush and added a peachy pearl
shadow to her eyelid. I think by keeping the colors all very similar, her skin
also gets a chance to be a focus feature.

Other products that I recommend are:

· “Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer”

· Milani Powder Mosiac in “Afterglow”

· Highlighting and contouring powders from MAC

Janelle Corey is a Salt Lake City based fashion, beauty, bridal and
commercial makeup artist and stylist.

She has experience with many lines and has worked for MAC Cosmetics
and Christian Dior closely. Janelle has several years of experience doing
print and film work. She enjoys every part of makeup artistry, styling and
set design. It is her passion through and through.

An equal passion is travel. With opportunities such as traveling to Australia
for one month to do a large bridal campaign, travel and makeup artistry fill
her soul!

Janelle gets most of her inspiration from fashion and art. She emphasizes
narrative, fashion and color to create unique makeup and styling artistry.

Lastly, she’s obsessed with a sanitary makeup station, brushes and

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