Beauty Buzz for Your Hair

Love your locks this season with the best hair care products. All it takes is
the right tools and you can have a good hair day everyday! Beauty Blogger
Kristie Burnett has the latest hair care items that every woman should have
on hand.

T3 Straightener and Blowdryer:

An Allure beauty award winner the T3 featherweight Blowdryer and
straightener have gone to new heights by introducing the Straight Laced
straightener and Lace Obsession dryer. These products are salon quality and
work wonders with your hair. Taking something old and making it new is an
industry standard, but in this case it is a win-win. You get great products and
great design. $160-$200

Rita Hazan Foaming Color Gloss

This little bottle packs a mean punch delivering high shine and silky smooth
locks. The product comes in three different formulas so there is one of every
color. The Foaming Color Gloss helps to condition hair and control flyaways.
Straight fine-haired people beware: reviews have mentioned that this product
adds weight to hair, not a good idea for those who are looking for extra
volume. $26

Spornette Smooth Operator

Spornette is my favorite brand of hairbrushes. They offer a wide variety of
brushes and recently introduced the Long Smooth Operator. I love the
Smooth Operator because the seamless handle doesn’t catch hair and the
vented body reduces styling time. Is longer really better? That one just comes
down to personal preference. $16-$26

Fekkai Summer Hair

Frederic Fekkai just introduced a summer line of products including Smooth
Sailing Anti-Frizz cream, After Sun Daily Mask and Beach Waves Spray. All
products are effective in helping you achieve perfect summer hair, whether it
is beach waves or smooth and soft.

Fine Beauty Retailers $25

Verge Bubble Wand by One

Perfecting the imperfect curl. This Bubble Wand allows you to curl your hair
without precision, giving you that summertime tousled hair perfectly. The
bubble shape allows the hair to curl at different widths making it textured
and undone. Think Kristen Stewart style, messy but with a purpose. $120

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