Best Educational Software for Kids

Jessica Foust from TopTenREVIEWS explains their top picks in educational software. This software can give your kids a jump-start on their education or extra help outside of school.

Foreign Languages

When studying foreign languages, TELL ME MORE clearly takes the lead in language learning software. They have software packages to help you learn languages from Spanish to Chinese. It incorporates a priceless tool, speech recognition. You can speak into a microphone and the software will show you if your speech matches that of a native speaker, a novice or somewhere in between.

Typing Skills

Typing software is an inexpensive investment with long-term rewards because a child will use typing skills throughout their entire life. Teaching your kids to type is easier than ever with typing software designed with children in mind. Typing Instructor for Kids by Individual Software will help young kids conquer the keyboard. It has spunky typing exercises and clever games to effectively teach typing skills while providing a ton of fun.

ACT Prep

For those who have children getting ready to apply to college, ACT & SAT preparation software is important. Scores on these tests will determine what kind of classes you can take, and even what schools you get into. The top pick in this category, SAT/ACT/PSAT Platinum will teach good test taking skills while covering all the subjects students need to know for the big test.

Math Skills

Math learning software comes for kids in grades K-3 and grades 4-6. Mighty Math Zoo Zillions will set your kids on the fast track to success. It will help your kids get basic math skills and have fun with numbers. Math Success can not only help 4th-6th graders but anyone who wants to conquer factoring, fractions, ratios and prepare for algebra.

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