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Best Field Day Games: 7 activities the kids will be talking about all summer

These aren’t your average field day games.

It’s coming. It’s just around the corner. Elementary schools everywhere are gearing up for field day! It’s a highlight and rite of passage, a fun way to put an exclamation point on the school year, and all of it rests on the shoulders of classroom moms.

Studio 5 Home & Family Life Contributor Maria Eckersley has been in charge of field day at her kids’ school for six years. In that time she’s played a lot of games, and she shares her all-time favorite field day activities.

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7 of the Best Field Day Games

 This game is played in a large circle with a big ball and a dunking sponge.

This is played on a volleyball court with big sponges and a bucket of water.

Tug of War Topple
Played on milk crates with ropes

This is played with jumbo bowling pins balanced on 5-gallon buckets

Six Corners
This game is played with spots on the ground, a giant die, and a water soaker

Human Tic Tac Toe
Played with hula hoops forming a 3×3 grid

The Stick Game
Played with 4′ PVC pipes

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