Best Journaling Apps

Best Journaling Apps

Lots of us write down our thoughts or capture life’s little moments in a
journal. But many are making the move from handwritten to hi-tech. Jessica
Foust, with Top Ten Reviews, has three apps that just might convince you to
make the switch to digital journaling.

Max Journal

iPad app. $2.99

This is a beautiful looking app. It really has everything you need to create a
beautiful looking diary/journal. In addition to writing entries you can add
photos and tag your entry to enable its easily searchable. You can password
protect all journal entries. The full screen calendar view is a great alternate
way to navigate your journal and see when you last wrote. It has great
customization options – from backgrounds, fonts, and text brightness

Day One

iPhone, iPad and Mac app. $1.99/ $10

It gets top marks for being so easy to use. This is a no frills app that does
one thing well – journaling. It has a reminder system to nudge you to write
daily, weekly, or monthly if you so desire. The Menu Bar quick entry and
Calendar view really make viewing your memories and thoughts easy. Plus
you know they will be preserved because the app uses Dropbox for syncing
and backup purposes. So no matter if you wrote an entry on your iPhone one
day and your iPad the next – the entries will all be there.


iPhone app. $2.99

Think of it as a micro blogging app for your journal. Not only can you easily
write about your day, you can integrate what you’ve also said on social
networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and to name a few.
The app allows for fast and easy writing in addition to easily browsing what
you’ve said in the past. So even though you start the app today, it’s easy to
see your years of online activity in moments. You can attach photos to each
post, tag places you visit and export your journal.

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