Best New Family Games

Every year new games are rolled out and some are a hit while others are a bust. We want to help you find the best of the batch. So this year, we let Studio 5 viewers play along to test and choose the best new family games of 2013!

Producer Stephanie Bryson shares the results.

1. Word Around, ThinkFun, $13

2. Snake Oil, Out of the Box Games, $20

3. Acuity, Fat Brain Toy Co., $20

4. Xoom Cubes, Baxbo, $16

Find at Coppin’s Hallmark Stores – Fashion Place Mall & Layton Hills Mall

5. Dabble, Ini. $20

6. Pluckin Pairs, R&R Games, $20

7. Spot It Party, Blue Orange Games, $20

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