Best Online Meal Planners


Kids, careers and crazy summertime schedules can make dinnertime feel like a daily grind.

Jessica Foust, with Top Ten Reviews, has the best websites, apps and other online tools to help busy moms get dinner on the table.

1. BigOven!

It has fun leftover and idea wizards, intuitive interface and cell phone apps that make it a stand-out software title.

a. BigOven provides users with over 170,000 recipes, a powerful meal planning calendar, Idea and Lefover Wizards to take the chore out of what to make for dinner and mobile aps to make your meal planning and grocery shopping simple and stress-free.

b. You can create menus and meal plans for days, weeks and even months ahead. You just simply drag and drop the recipes of your choosing to the Meal Calendar and you’ll be building your meals in not time. The detailed menu calendar allows you to click on any date in the calendar to see a meal plan instantly.

2. DinnerSpinnerPro

This app is powered by You can pick out recipes based on ingredients, what you have in the pantry and how much time you need to prepare the meal. You can create shopping lists in minutes, “spin” (shake phone) to get a randomly selected meal plan.

a. The DinnerSpinnerPro is on Android and Apple platforms.

3. Grocery iQ (free) –

This is a free app. Its standout feature is the barcode scanner. It also has list sharing and integrated coupons. You can print or email coupons directly from Grocery iQ. You can organize items by aisle in the store. If you buy the same things every week, the favorites list is helpful. You can also work on your grocery list online at Whatever you do, online will automatically update in the app.

a. Android and Apple app.

4. Grocery Gadget – $3.99.

It allows you to easily organize grocery lists, coupons, recipes free on the web portal and on your mobile device. This app is designed to help you save time and money at home and at the grocery store. Your lists will sync across your devices and portal account on the web. You can take a photo and import it into the app – make sure whoever is shopping knows what the item looks like. The app has a price comparison feature to ensure you get the best price. This app also links to recipe sources like BigOven so the ingredients are added automatically to your shopping list.

a. App works on Apple, Android, Nokia, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

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