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4 of the Best Podcasts for Teens

Podcasts are a popular listen right now. And there are some podcasts for teens out there that can help them think deeper and be more curious.

Rachael Herrscher shares four of the best podcasts for teens.

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Best Podcasts for Teens

Ted Radio Hour

Draws from Ted Talks that happen all over. They put two or three together and hit really good topics, such as courage, bravery, screen time etc.

Ted Talks Daily

These are shorter in length, about 5-15 minutes. So, good for teens with a shorter attention span. Wide variety of topics for teens to really think about.


A good one to slide in some diversity and culture. The Invisibilia episode “The Prayer” tells about a Hindu woman’s struggle with losing her voice. This specific episode gives kids context that they might not get everyday here in Utah.

Today’s Mama Podcast: Morgan Scalley, Here’s What the Coach Wants You to Know

This episode gives kids who play sports great perspective on what the coach is looking for.