Best Succulent Plants for your Undersea Gardens

Succulent plants are likely not the first type of plant you think of when
you’re considering your summer gardening. But maybe they should be.
They have advantages you likely didn’t even know about.

John Rader is a plant grower with Proven Winners and he reveals his list of
top succulent plants.

Succulents are a great plant since they fit with today’s modern lifestyle.
They take very little care and still look great. The variety of succulent
plants is endless. They come in all sorts of textures and colors. They can
go days without being watered which fits with summer vacation schedules.
And they are a perfect plant to introduce kids to gardening since they are
hard to kill.

Because of the texture and look of succulents, they resemble undersea
plants. You can create your own undersea garden in a dish using a
selection of succulents.

Some of the succulents you might want to consider are:

Aloe Gator


Portulaca Maraca

Kalanchoe Flapjack

Kalanchoe Gremlin

Kalanchoe Elk Antlers

Peperomia Peppy

Succulents are a great choice for a planting, but sometimes, finding a good
selection can be a challenge. We have discovered some local nurseries who
have a wide selection.

Western Garden Centers

Cactus and Tropicals

Glover Nursery

Millcreek Gardens

Trellis Gardens

McCoards Garden Center

Rockin E Country Store

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