How to Unify a Room

Have you ever finished decorating a room, stood back and realized
something just didn’t look right?

Designer Danielle Oakey shares the finishing touches that will unify your

One of the most challenging aspects of interior design is adding the
finishing touches. Here are a few simple tips for creating a unified space.

1. Add Texture

· It’s always important to have a variety of textures in any space.

· Addition of rugs, baskets, and pillows are great ways to add texture
and character to a room

2. Create a Focal Point

· Every space should have a focal point.

· Large mirrors, artwork, or accent walls are easy ways to create a focal

3. Repetition

· Repetition is one of the simplest ways to pull a room together.

· Repeating patterns, colors, artwork, or furniture styles can help create a
unified space.

4. Add Color & Pattern:

· Adding color and/or pattern can really add interest to a space.

· Rugs, artwork, pillows, and drapery are easy ways to introduce color
and pattern.

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