Best Tech for Family Road Trip

Don’t just plan your summer vacation destination, but plan the activities to keep the kids happy on the way. Technology is the key and new tricks and tech will make your road trip great.

Angie White is a Tech Mom who has identified some of the best new products available to help your trip.

· AmazonBasics Universal Travel Case ($20 on A great, inexpensive case to carry and organize your electronics gear and small accessories. Put these travel essentials in the case:

· Apple iPod touch (from $299 at loaded with a new road trip playlist and audiobooks, as well as the same games and apps for the whole family as on the iPad (to minimize any squabbles over who gets to play):

· Animatone Headphones ($24.99 at The Animatone headphones feature playful child-friendly styling and volume-limiting speakers. Parents can feel safe knowing the built-in volume governor will not play media over 85 decibels.

· Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Digital Camera ($40 at For ages 3-7 years old, this is a real digital camera that’s tough enough to stand up to the ways kids play and the places they go.

· ZAGGsparq ($39.99 – $99.99 at Drastically extend the battery life of your devices for long drives between stops, or when using high-draw apps like when watching movies or videos

· Tumble Case for iPad ($49.99 at Created from a light and soft foam, the Tumble offers extreme protection for anything your kids can dish out while adding minimal weight to your iPad.

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